Her background is actually very poor, and she has no chance to continue her studies

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background actually poor chance continue

I know there are many people who envy Yang Chaochao , Said did not sound point , Maybe jealousy , Because of her appearance, she crossed the class . Beautiful people are always given preferential treatment in this world, but their efforts are always ignored , Her birth is actually very poor , And there's no chance to finish school , But good looking , Because of that , If you want to fight up , There is only one choice to go the way of anchor trainee entertainment , And this little girl is really lucky . And suppose you talk about ordinary people , I was born in an ordinary family and my parents are still alive , Medium appearance , Most of them will be asked to take the road of the college entrance examination , They have many choices in the future , People who will stick to the path of stars , It's really rare , Most people just fantasize .

Because these people can't just care about themselves , Because we should study from a secular perspective / A successful career , Because I want to make my ordinary family richer . So they will choose to study hard, find a decent job and earn money steadily , After all, the probability of being famous in the entertainment industry is the same as winning the prize , If you don't work hard, you will have results , If you don't love it very much , Why take the uncertain road ? however , People with mines and contacts at home don't have to think so much , Anyway, I don't worry about livelihood, as long as I'm happy , They can try .

To be honest, compared with Yang Chaoyue , People who can only choose this path for their livelihood , Shouldn't you be more jealous of people who have money, face and contacts to play in the entertainment industry ? You don't envy them , Because I'm worse than them from birth , It's reasonable that they can become stars but not themselves , So at most, I just envy . And Yang Chaoyue, who was born badly , But became a star , So you who are better than her are jealous . But in fact , This most likely non mediocre road , You gave up when you weighed the pros and cons . lucky chance 、 Career choice and appearance , What are you better than her ? Enough to support your famous ?

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