Yi Nengjing is very successful in playing tender. She wears a satin off shoulder skirt, which is framed with Liu Yifei, 19, and doesn't look old

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yi nengjing successful playing tender.

# What to wear today ## Brand goods #

Since the pattern of fashion design has become rich , Our choice is also more inclined to those complex shapes with printing design , I think only in this way can I highlight my avant-garde taste , If it's a young woman , Choosing such a design may still hold up , If it's an older mature woman , Too fancy style , It will only make your old-fashioned feeling look more obvious . I don't want this to happen , Simple and neat solid color design is the best . Yi Nengjing is very successful in playing Nen , A satin off the shoulder skirt , With the small 19 Liu Yifei is not old in the same frame .

Wear analysis

In fact, we don't want to choose solid color items , It's just that I don't think this design is fashionable enough , But in fact, the fashion atmosphere of solid color items is not necessarily inferior to that of printing design , Compared with the complexity of printing design , Solid color modeling tests the details of version design , As long as the design of the version can keep up with , Solid color modeling can also show a very advanced and avant-garde fashion sense . Take the solid color dress worn by Yi Nengjing as an example , The overall color matching is very simple , Light green color with fresh temperament , It presents a refreshing feeling of summer , In terms of version design , Slanted off shoulder design with sexy charm , Fold and tighten with the upper skirt , Let the whole skirt have a very strong sense of fashion design , Whether it's the irregular design of the skirt position , Or the waist chain accessories decorated by the waist , Are transmitting a fashionable and avant-garde attitude to the outside world , It also tastes good .

Light green color matching

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