When Wang Baoqiang was down, he asked Chen Sicheng to borrow money! Chen Sicheng said four words and let him remember for a lifetime!

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In the eyes of many people , Stars must have no shortage of money . Often they take an advertisement 、 Making a movie is hundreds of thousands 、 Millions are recorded , As far as we ordinary people are concerned , It's burning Gaoxiang that can earn hundreds of thousands all year round . It's really unexpected that stars are short of money , For example, big stars like Wang Baoqiang also have time to be down and out .

In the past, Wang Baoqiang was shooting 《 Make a fuss about Tianzhu 》 At the end of the day , Because of the unexpected discovery of his daughter-in-law Ma Rong cheating, everyone Song Zhe , At that time, he took Ma Rong to court , But because I put all my money into the new film 《 Make a fuss about Tianzhu 》 And the money I have earned over the years is in Ma Rong's hands , At this time, he can say that his pockets are empty , So I'm so poor that I need to find someone to borrow money to fight a lawsuit .

In fact, we also know , In today's society, it's more difficult to find someone to borrow than to go to heaven , Regardless of relatives 、 The people around me are also nervous about my small cash cabinet . Trust friends have the same history , When borrowing from others , Others will say “ I have no money ” To perfunctory return .

At that time, Wang Baoqiang had the same history , Asking relatives for loans was also denied . Later, without facilities, I found Chen Sicheng, who had a relatively good relationship .

After being rejected when first asked for a loan from a relative , Trust must be very low , So when looking for Chen Sicheng to borrow money , Also holding a trace of embarrassment , The truth 300 Ten thousand is not a small quantity . Unexpectedly, Chen Sicheng lent the money to , Four big characters are added on the back “ brother ! come on. ”.

Trust everyone , When I was very down and out , Someone can give me a hand , This affection Wang Baoqiang will also remember in his heart for a lifetime .

Get this again 300 Wan Houhou , Wang Baoqiang took Ma Rong and Song Zhe to court , Very later, we also know the consequences , Song Zhe was sentenced , I also got my share of wealth from Ma Rong .

If you don't borrow this money at first , It's hard to trust this case , Wang Baoqiang is not necessarily better than today , So based on this , Wang Baoqiang is the same as us , Especially emotional , Who can help me when I'm very difficult , Then I will always remember his good , Are you right ?

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