After Huang Xiaoming got drunk, he was helped by his friend. He held him in public and didn't want to let go. The other party patted his back to comfort him

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huang xiaoming got drunk helped

After Huang Xiaoming got drunk, he was helped by his friends , Hold him in public and don't want to let go , The other party claps his back to comfort

Speaking of Huang Xiaoming , I believe we are all familiar , It has developed very well in the entertainment industry , But only the family is not very harmonious now , Huang Xiaoming seldom shares the stage with his wife Yang Ying , Even with my son's little sponge , Yang Ying is not around , But it didn't affect his mood , Still recording variety shows normally , It also looks very good ,

And just recently , Huang Xiaoming was photographed going out , He was dressed in black that day , Even the mask is black , Looks like a little drunk , The whole process was supported by male friends around , When you walk out the door and are ready to leave , Huang Xiaoming also hugged his friends , Hold a friend for a long time and don't want to let go , It should be something sad ,

And male friends have been holding Huang Xiaoming , And pat him on the back to comfort him , Huang Xiaoming is always in good shape in front of the camera , This is also the first time he showed his drunken side to everyone , It's quite surprising , Huang Xiaoming, who was always in good condition in front of the camera , It's just what he deliberately shows everyone , This is normal , After all, everyone has trouble , I don't know if it's because of family , Now Huang Xiaoming's career is developing very smoothly , Only the relationship with his wife , It hasn't eased well , What do you think of this ?

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