"I used to think he was ugly, but now I'm a dog." Xiao Zhan was a little rustic and saw Cai Xukun: I can do it too

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used think ugly dog. dog

In this era of popular pursuit of stars , Many young people have their favorite idols of love beans , The exquisite beauty of the star actors on the stage , Individual character is dye-in-the-wood , Humor attracts many fans , Especially the stars of many small fresh meat types , handsome , Young and lovely , It can capture a large number of girl hearts , Actually , Stars with bright and beautiful appearance are not all born beautiful , They were once ordinary people , Because of the company's packaging and promotion , That makes them hot stars , So how common they used to be ?

Xiao Zhan

Speaking of Xiao Zhan , Everyone is familiar with , He's in the movie 《 Catching demons 》, TV play 《 Celebrate more than 》 All have outstanding performance , His sunny appearance has been loved by many fans ; Many fans who like him know , Xiao Zhan was a design major before he entered the performing arts circle , And when I was a sophomore, I already opened a studio with my classmates , It's awesome , When the pictures of him in the university came out , Many netizens said they were a little rustic , But now he is a shining man on the stage .

Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo, who loved hip-hop dance since childhood, once participated in large-scale hip-hop dance competitions , And got good results , After he entered the entertainment industry , with 《 Petition order 》 The wonderful performance in it became popular , More Than This , He was also invited to join the Tiantian brothers , Hosted by Wang Han, Qian Feng and others 《 Day day up 》, Sing a song 、 dance 、 Skateboards are proficient in everything ; But Wang Yibo's dress up before his debut is still very bold , Some netizens even ridiculed some non mainstream .

Li now

stay 2019 year 7 It's hot in the month 《 Dear love 》 Let Li Xian explode , Become in the eyes of many fans “ Now boyfriend ”, Serious in the play 、 Cute and gentle, he makes many fans want to group and steal home , Although Li Xian had many works before , such as 《 River god 》、《 Forensic Qin Ming 》 etc. , however 《 Dear love 》 Really opened the door to his career ; But who could have thought that in the play, he was once a rough man with a broken beard ?

Cai Xukun: A boy devoted to music in "More than Forever"

Although after Cai Xukun's debut , Black material constantly , But there are still many fans who like him , With exquisite facial features, he is more beautiful than many girls , Clean and handsome , Slowly, , He also changed his style after the men's team , Slowly moving in another direction , But who can think of his dark skin before , Or a little boy next door with a lid on his head ?

Anyway , Everyone has their favorite idol, love bean , Behind their brilliance, they also made a lot of efforts , Regarding this , Who is your love bean ?

source : Shi Shi talks gossip

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