Sha Yi, entertainment "comedy father"

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sha yi entertainment comedy father

Another day when Sha Yi couldn't live with a smile .

《 Cute exploration 》 Special edition of Ode to joy , Invite Jiang Xin and Qiao Xin to help .

In this program , Sha Yi plays fan Shengying, fan shengmei's brother .

Partner with Mr. Kang Qunzhi , Restored the blood sucking names of mother and son .

Jiang Xin's acting broke out , Everyone's mood was also driven .

To ease the atmosphere , Sun Honglei asks Sha Yi to apologize to Jiang Xin .

I saw Sha Yi trembling , He walked to Jiang Xin with a wronged face , say :

“ Younger sister , Brother, I'm sorry , Give it to brother again 5 ten thousand .”

In a word , The comedy effect is full , Everyone present has broken the rules .

Also let me notice sand overflow again , This strange man in the entertainment circle .

For middle-aged male stars ,“ greasy ” It's a theme they can't avoid .

Yang Shuo's evil spirit smiled , It's like there's a piece of shredded meat between your teeth , Can't come out .

Chen Sicheng depends on “ solid ” The acting of , Push yourself to a new peak of oil content .

In contrast, sand overflow , He has gained weight these years 、 Baldness , But he didn't let himself slide completely to the opposite camp .

Why are all middle-aged men , Sha Yi can do “ oil ” Instead of “ Greasy ”?

It's not greasy , From his A sense of humor + good temper .

Too many shows , It's the starting point for many stars to roll over , Because every word and action will be infinitely magnified . And Sha Yi's variety shows in recent years , Almost never off the gear . Word of mouth not only didn't collapse , Instead, popularity soared all the way . because , He has no one to set up . If there is , That's him I am willing to devote myself , Entertain others . On 《 Challenge the limit 》, The program team arranged the actors to dress up as 《 Journey to the west 》 The appearance of the four masters and disciples , Wake him up in the middle of the night .

It's not easy to change a room to sleep , By Huang Lei again , Pour a basin of cold water head-on .

When playing games , Hand clapping durian for a Book “ Eighteen dragon subduing palms ”. In the twinkling of an eye, he was cheated by sun Honglei .

I finally learned another move. It's said that it's very powerful “ Golden Bell cocoon ”, He proudly shows off in front of sun Honglei .

Who would have thought that this move was at the bottom of the food chain ,PK It was instantly extinguished .

After the show ,# Heartache sand overflow # I spent a day on the hot search list . In the following 《 Challenge the limit 》 in , Members “ Think of Sha Yi and want to laugh ”.

“ Golden bell jar iron cloth shirt ”, It has also become the most classic stem .

So that later Sha Yi came to pick revenge , Zhang Yixing gave up expression management when he saw him .

“ Heartache sand overflow ” Gradually label , It has become the standard of his variety show .

But , Among so many tricked stars , Why do we have to love Sha Yi ? I think , Maybe he After being tricked by all kinds of tricks , A smiling attitude .

On 《 Running man 》 when , The program team deliberately teased him , Let him be sprayed by the high-pressure water column more than ten times .

Fall into the pool again and again and choke , Just climbed up and was sprayed again .

This is for ordinary people , It broke out long ago . But Sha Yi laughed all the time , Not even a black face . Also said :“ I don't blame you , Blame me .”

record 《 Desired life 》, Sha Yi is still the one who was corrected . I was asked before I entered the house :“ Resist or not resist ?”. Hear this , Sha Yi has frightened the corners of his mouth , ramble in one's statement : “ carry , Not resistant to manufacturing .”

But Huang Lei said :“ No, it's okay , Hit it and you'll resist .”

Sha Yi : I want to escape , But I can't escape .

Then , Sha Yi opens the way to chop firewood .

Wave after wave , Can't stop at all .

My hand was blistered , Everyone came forward to care about .

I haven't had time to move , The next second I heard Mr. he say : “ No , Your hand is broken , There's no other work to do .”

( Sha Yi : I don't want to laugh anymore )

Huang Lei said :“ Sha Yi has a kind of temperament that thinks of disaster as soon as he sees him .”

Good tempered people are scarce at any age , It is more precious for middle-aged men not to put on airs .

And always “ Think that year ” Of X Middle aged greasy men are different , Sha Yi never boasted about his past .

Few people know , Sha Yi studied saxophone for eight years before he went to college . And compose music , I once played with Li Yundi at a party 《 Colorful clouds chasing the moon 》.

On beauty , Sha Yi can afford “ Military school grass ” The name of . 《 Marry the right man in the wrong sedan chair 》 Sabina in , Conquer the princess with a beautiful man .

《 Liao Zhai ・ Xi Fangping 》 in , It's a handsome young man .

On acting , He made the audience remember the lively “ Handsome beard ”;

It has also achieved a flesh and blood white Exhibition Hall .

He was the flow student of that era , Is a well-known male god . If you want to move out and show off , Sha Yi is not without capital . But he seldom remembers the past , I don't like to talk about the history of revolutionaries , Even take the initiative to put aside the past glory . In those days, sand overflowed in 《 previous 》 After the fire , Once publicly stated that :“ By skill , Be a strong actor .“

In those years , Bai zhantang said it from his mouth only a few times . He dived into acting , Start trying more serious characters , He also played a lot of supporting roles without pay . 《 Illiteracy 》 The appearance is gentle , The cunning Xu Xingliang .

《 Commissar 》 Lao Qiu, the leader of the .

《 Everything grows 》 Miss Bai in the .

also 《 Bloody battle in the sky 》 Liu Changling, an air force hero in the .

But his most surprising performance , It should be 《 The king's feast 》 As Xiao He .

Sha Yi doesn't play much , But his performance won unanimous praise .

His subversive acting was praised by the audience at that time “ The first plump Xiao He in history ”.

He won the Chinese Academy Award for outstanding actor for his role , Xu Fan, the guest of honor, commented on him :

“ He is a good actor who can control many roles .”

Sha Yi is out of the circle for the second time because of his role , Is in 《 Little joy 》. stay 《 Little joy 》 in , A total of three fathers have been established . And Qiao Weidong played by Sha Yi , It's supposed to be the least liked one . Infidelity in marriage , I don't admit it .

“ Deceitful parenting ”, On the pretext of divorce , Six years without children at all Finally found the importance of wife and children , Just started making crazy advances .

And his kindness , Is to help yingzi skip class 、 Buy what you like .

Whenever song Qian and yingzi have a conflict , Qiao Weidong always puts himself on the opposite side of song Qian , To please my daughter .

In the end , If yingzi is well educated , He followed me ; If it's not good , It's all song Qian's fault . He didn't do anything , But take advantage of everything .

selfish 、 No sense of responsibility 、 No responsibility , Qiao Weidong's scum man .

Netizens say : If it weren't for Sha Yi to play this role , I'm afraid “ Qiao Weidong ” I've been scolded as a sieve ? exactly , Sha Yi has his own cute and cheap attribute , Under his interpretation , This character is a little cute .

From a high spirited young man to today's “ Sand Dad ”, Sha Yi also faces the embarrassment of middle-aged actors . On shape , He is not too handsome and great 、 Jin Dong ; Tough guy , He is no match for Zhang Yi 、 Zhang Hanyu .

But Sha Yi has become a unique presence among the Chinese actors . Entertainment comes first “ Comedy Dad ” The man set up successfully and went out . Don't fight, don't rob , Not thinking too much doesn't mean not pursuing .

Although Sha Yi once plunged into the drama , But clearly understand that comedy is actually more difficult to write than drama , It's harder to play . Acting in comedy requires a simple 、 Sincere childlike innocence . To be fair , Such an actor is not a gem in the entertainment industry .

Last , I want to bless Sha Yi , Instead of heartache, sand overflow . May he always be childlike , Always be sincere .

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