Xiao Zhan's "jade bone remote" killed for three days, and the number of trailers exceeded 100 million, which is faster than the rest of his life

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xiao zhan jade bone remote

title : Xiao Zhan 《 Yu Guyao 》 Kill 3 God , The number of trailers exceeded 100 million , It's faster than the rest of your life

Speaking of Xiao Zhan , I think everyone is familiar with . In the near future , The good news of Xiao Zhan is constantly , First, the new play kill , Later, there was a backlog of drama files , Then he won a new endorsement , All in all , The recent good news of Xiao Zhan has made fans a little out of breath .

Fortunately , Xiao Zhan has many fans , And the anti Strike ability is also relatively large , So these can still roar .

In recent days, ,《 Yu Guyao 》 After the extermination , The influence of Xiao Zhan's super words increased instantly , Because there are too many news about Xiao Zhan .

little does one think 《 Yu Guyao 》 One kill green , The number of trailers is more than 1 Billion .

Need to know , Few TV dramas have had such high traffic before .

at present ,《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 My trailer is only 3 Billion , This is because 《 The rest of my life 》 The trailer came out very early .

at that time 《 The rest of my life , I would appreciate your comments. 》 When the trailer is broadcast , It is also a sensation in the whole entertainment industry .

Need to know , This is the first modern play after Xiao Zhan became famous , Netizens and fans are anxious to see Xiao Zhan's performance , Plus Yang Zi's joining , Make the whole play full of expectations . therefore , More than a year's preview , Its playback volume has exceeded 3 Billion .

and 《 Yu Guyao 》 Just a few days , The number of trailers has exceeded 1 The hundred million , It can be said that the speed is still considerable .

Yes, of course , except 《 Yu Guyao 》 outside , Xiao Zhan has another play to be broadcast , The play is 《 Trump troops 》, It's just , The play first experienced deception , Later, I deleted the fragment of Xiao Zhan, leaving nothing left , So we know , Everyone to 《 Trump troops 》 My expectations are not so high .

and 《 Trump troops 》 The overall playback volume is not that high .

Need to know , stay 《 Yu Guyao 》 Before shooting , A TV play starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi 《 Doulo land 》 Broadcast on Tencent video , Its playback volume has exceeded 55 Billion .

This kind of playback volume is really unprecedented .

But on the other hand, it can explain , Xiao Zhan's popularity is well founded .

I do not know! , The same type of ancient costume 《 Yu Guyao 》, On the air , Can there be 《 Doulo land 》 This amount of playback ?

take the reverse into consideration 《 Yu Guyao 》, It was a big female drama , The title of the play is not called this , I didn't expect Xiao Zhan to join us , The film side changed the big female main play into a time-consuming play .

In order to highlight the theme of Xiao Zhan , It can be said that we took great pains .

The whole role of Shiying is also a very important role , He is a chivalrous young master Gao Leng , It is also a lifelong companion to Zhu Yan .

Yes, of course , When Xiao Zhan appeared in the film , And do everything you can , Otherwise, I wouldn't be worthy of the whole crew's efforts to myself .

Need to know , Xiao Zhan's expressiveness is still very good .

In the past, many media have caught Xiao Zhan as not an actor from a professional background , Then we learned from Xiao Zhan's many performances , finally get To Xiao Zhan's strength , Everyone also began to praise Xiao Zhan's acting skills .

stay 《 Yu Guyao 》 The cast of , Xiao Zhan also goes out to rehearse the play from time to time , In Wuhan , There have been performances in Chengdu .

The performance of the play , Let Xiao Zhan's acting skills grow at the fastest speed .

It's just , The causes of the recent epidemic , Some drama performances have stopped .

But Xiao Zhan's reputation has been established , Everyone is looking forward to seeing better Xiao Zhan !

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