Travel notes of youth has not attracted enough investment. Jia Ling may quit and replace, and hard candy girl members will join

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travel notes youth attracted investment.

《 Green Tour 》 In the third season, I'm afraid of changing people , newly added 2 New people join , Jia Ling may quit ―― introduction .

《 Travel around youth 》 This variety show IP From the beginning of the first season , The heat is not very high , But it's not a rush on the whole . After all, the resident guests in the first season are basically actors , Maybe there is no talent for active atmosphere in variety show . After the second season , With Jia Ling 、 Sha Yi 、 Yangdi such variety show funny coffee joined , It's obviously much better .

and 《 Travel around youth 》 The second season of is 2020 It was broadcast on Zhejiang satellite TV in , At that time, Xiao Zhan was invited to be a flying guest . But Xiao Zhan was in 227 In dispute , A lot of Xiao Zhan's black fans snipe Xiao Zhan's business and variety show . Last , Xiao Zhan went to Sanya to record a program , It was finally cut out by the program team . Also because of the behavior of the program group, Xiao Zhan fell into a dilemma again , It can be said to be worse than worse .

It was supposed to be after the popularity of the second season , It should be good , For the third quarter, as long as there is enough money , It will only be made better . But because the variety show is before investment promotion , Use the previously cut Xiao Zhan variety show clips to sneak the heat , Offended Xiao Zhan's fans , Xiao Zhan's fans angrily criticized the program group's behavior on the social platform , The uproar of this public opinion , It may also let many investment brands know the improper operation of the program group . Facing the pressure of public opinion ,《 Travel around youth 》 Investment promotion in the third quarter , It's never been good , A variety show that should have started shooting long ago , The recording time is also pushed again and again .

More Than This , It was said that the original team would return in the third season 《 Green Tour 》, Another reason why the shooting hasn't started , There are old members who are not very willing to record the third season . Although Wu Tong, the director of the program group , Has been persuading , But it doesn't seem to work very well . And it is said that the program group will join 2 A new man , One of them is Zhang Yifan, a member of hard candy girl . Jia Ling, as the only female resident in the team , This time Zhang Yifan joined , Let netizens guess , The old member who wants to quit the third season may be Jia Ling .

This guess is not unreasonable , After all, Jia Ling has not joined since the first season 《 Travel around youth 》, But only in the second season . In the case of mediocre results in the first quarter , The second season can do so well , One reason is that Xiao Zhan's incident brought heat to the program group , Another reason is that Jia Ling and Sha Yi joined the variety show . And Jia Ling can be regarded as the soul of this program .

Originally, because the program team leaked Xiao Zhan's variety video clip , Resulting in poor risk assessment , Poor investment attraction , It makes the program start with some twists and turns . Then join 2 A little-known newcomer presided over it , It means that as an old guest, I have to take them all the way , Give them a shot , From time to time cue they , Just for the new milk . Continue to join 《 Green Tour 》 The addition to Jia Ling in the third quarter is not big , If you simply increase the exposure of variety shows, it's not as good as Shen Teng's 《 Trump to trump 》.

also 《 Green Tour 》 As a traveling outdoor program , Need to shoot in several cities , At present, the epidemic situation in China has been repeated , Gathering activities should be cautious , Judging from Jia Ling's current coffee position , You shouldn't take such a risk to shoot . Taken together , Jia Ling quit 《 Green Tour 》 The possibility of recording the third season is still relatively large .

therefore , Many netizens think , If Jia Ling quits , And another new host also replaced an old member , Then the focus of the third season may be much less , Ratings may not be guaranteed . So netizens are interested in 《 Green Tour 》 The broadcast of the third season is not optimistic , Regarding this , What do you think ? Welcome to comment and discuss .

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