Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. No thanks for big feet in country love

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yu yuexian died car accident.

8 month 9 Japan , There are media reports on 《 Rural love 》 Actor Yu Yuexian who plays Xie Dajiao in , There was a car accident in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately died .

According to an insider ,8 month 9 The morning of , When Yu Yuexian was filming in Inner Mongolia , Accident due to too fast speed , The injury is too serious , The rescue failed and died .

The news came , It makes many viewers feel very sad , After all 15 year 《 Rural love 》 Play it down , Everyone is used to the role of Xie Dajiao .

Before playing Xie Dajiao , Yu Yuexian has also appeared in some film and television dramas , It's just supporting roles . For example 98 CCTV version in 《 Water margin 》 in , She plays Jin Cuilian who is occupied by Zheng Tuqiang . When I saw this TV play , I really didn't notice that Jin Cuilian was played by Yu Yuexian , I just feel that this beautiful woman is so pathetic .

in addition , Yu Yuexian is still in Mr. Jin Yong's masterpiece 《 The Book and the Sword 》 As a famous prostitute in Hangzhou 、 Yuruyi, one of the four beauties of Qiantang , Although still a supporting role , But the director team can let her interpret this famous prostitute , This shows that we attach great importance to her , Especially when she came into the dance , You can see Yu Yuexian's artistic skills .

later , Yu Yuexian is still 《 Ride the horse to the west wind 》 Play all kinds of amorous feelings in 、 Feng Si Niang who dares to love and hate . From yuruyi to jincuilian , Then to FengSi Niang , Yu Yuexian's play has always been a dusty woman , beautiful 、 plaintive 、 Pungent 、 Love is her main acting style .

And by the 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 Liu Peiyun in , It is also desolate 、 The sad smell of beauty , Even if Zhao Benshan's eyes fell in love , stay 《 Rural love 》 After playing Xie Dajiao , Also arranged for an unhappy marriage , Even in the back, Xie Dajiao almost got mental illness .

Compared with Xie Dajiao in the play , Yu Yuexian in life is very sunny , Always bring your own programs “ Big feet go everywhere ” travel the length and breadth of the whole country , Publicize the three rural policies , Advocate positive energy .

After becoming famous with Xie Dajiao , Yu Yuexian directed the film with her husband Zhang Xuesong 《 My colorless world of youth in the sun 》, Yang Zi also actively promoted , Unfortunately, half a month after the film was released , The epidemic is coming , The cinema is closed , The film was forced to go offline .

Not long ago ,《 Rural love 15》 Just finished , Yu Yuexian also took a lot of stills , While everyone is waiting for her to continue shooting 《 Rural love 16》 when , But bad news came , It's sad .

Yu Yuexian is 《 Rural love 》 Made a great contribution , Xie Dajiao has also become her acting symbol , Now after death ,《 Rural love 》 No thanks, big foot .

Miss Yu Yuexian , All the way walk good .

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