In 2005, Zhang Yan reported her pregnancy to her husband Zhang Jincheng. The other party said: I know. Hang up first

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zhang yan reported pregnancy husband

2005 year , Man's wife Zhang Yan got pregnant unexpectedly , She was pleasantly surprised , Report good news to her husband Zhang Jincheng at the first time : I'm pregnant ! Unexpectedly, my husband said coldly : Oh ! I got it! , Hang up first !

Zhang Yanwan didn't expect that the man who once spoiled himself into a princess would react like this , For a moment, she was greatly disappointed , Think you've met a bad lady .

At a time of wishful thinking , The phone rings , Zhang Yanzheng is angry , My husband's voice came : I want the child ! Zhang Yan turns anger into joy , This husband is really wonderful !

1970 Zhang Yansheng was born in Xi'an in , She had a dream pink childhood .

There is a brother and a sister above Zhang Yan . She's an unplanned child , At first the family didn't want her , It happened that an old couple in the neighborhood had no children , I want to pass on Xiao Zhang to them .

But at the last moment, my mother was not willing to , Later, the family joked and called her “ The little surplus at home ”.

Because she is the youngest daughter in the family , Zhang Yan was the most favored child at home since childhood , Learn dance at an early age ,17 I went to Guangzhou to study ballet alone at the age of .

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