"Sumay tree beauty new work" Huayao city · jiazhaoye Luoyang Central Apartment model room

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sumay tree beauty new work

Explore the emotions and thoughts of the new generation of young people , Find their personality , Meet their needs , Create a living environment that meets the temperament of this age group .

In this issue , We create two kinds of life attitude and life style space for trendsetters in the current era . A combination of work and residence , It is suitable for the trend of freelance, cool young people , The other is to use MINI STUDIO To show the integration of office Futurism and intelligence .



present / generation / tide / play

Play with Klein Blue

Customer positioning : Young people who are fashionable, cool and full of personality

The protagonist of the model room of residential apartment is set as 27 Year old trendy shoe player , The whole space is designed according to his daily living and moving line of life ( morning 7:30-8:00 Get out of bed , Make a strong cup of coffee in the kitchen , Start a new day ;9:00-9:30 Stretch in front of the window , Browse all kinds of trend information , Take notes for your new collection ;9:30-10:00 Offline good thing sharing , Interact with players and fans on various network platforms ;10:30-11:30 Live broadcast of tide play topic , Back against the sofa , Open the video online to exchange collection experience with players all over the country , Share instant goodies ; Afternoon 3:30-4:30 Indoor fitness , Keep fit while maintaining energy ).

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