Jia Jingwen takes photos of three generations in the same hall. She has a good relationship with her children, and her three daughters stick to Jie Kai

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jia jingwen takes photos generations

Recently, Jia Jingwen posted a recent family photo on her personal social account. The family's feelings are super good, and the warm and natural interaction is very enviable

Just "88" is homonymous with "Dad", and Jia Jingwen also calls it father's day. A family of five are lying in bed. Boniu is just in the period of changing teeth. All her front teeth have fallen off, leaving only two lovely little tiger teeth. At first glance, she looks like a little devil of animated characters! And he played with his sister, Wutong Mei, making faces and sticking to his sister. Wutong Mei and her mother Alyssa Chia hold hands together, and two mothers and daughters are more and more alike. p>

Wutong, though Shiou is Alyssa Chia's second husband husband,

has nothing to do with him. He is very willing to play what Shiou does with two other sisters. And after Alyssa Chia and Sun Zhihao divorced, Wutong sister grew up with her father. It was really rare to have good relationship with Shiou. p>

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