All red Chan signature exposure! The handwriting is neat and beautiful. Dad: I hope she can go to college and win glory for the country

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red chan signature exposure handwriting

3 Full marks , Breaking the record , The whole red Chan fire is all over the network , Become a real national favorite 、 Top stream Superstar . however , When the scenery is infinite , Someone always comes to make trouble . A celebrity make complaints about Tucao ,14 Year old Quan hongchan didn't express clearly in the interview , No childhood was trained to be a diving machine, etc . Such remarks , It has aroused the indignation of the majority of netizens .

On social media , Some netizens took a signed group photo of the diving dream team . On a national team uniform , The names of several Olympic stars are written respectively , They are zhangjiaqi 、 Chen Yuxi 、 Wang Zongyuan, Quan hongchan, etc . Among these signatures , Quan hongchan's handwriting is the most correct and neat , Plain and ordinary .

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