CCTV beauty presided over the Tanabata short film! Wang Bingbing looks like a fairy in a white dress, and Zhang Leisi is super gentle

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cctv beauty presided tanabata short

The annual Tanabata Festival is coming , Not only the major fashion brands have launched a new festival exclusive , Even the satellite TV has aired their party lineups ,8 month 9 Number , On the Internet, a large promotional film of Tanabata shot by CCTV was exposed , All the people who participated in the recording were presided over by beautiful women at home , Zhang Lei , Li Sisi made a stunning appearance in an improved Han suit , Wang Bingbing, a popular reporter, stole the limelight , The picture can be said to be quite eye-catching . CCTV is really big ! Zhang Lei wears an improved Hanfu and makes delicious food with Li Sisi , Wang Bingbing has a sweet smile

Clothing connotation shows traditional culture

Because it's a promotional video shot for Tanabata , Therefore, the contents involved are linked with traditional culture , Besides hosting people to make dessert 、 Make tea 、 Make lanterns and write calligraphy , Wearing clothes also shows the full Chinese style characteristics , The perfect combination of classical form and modern elements , Looks dignified and elegant , And the hostess chose the white department as the main clothing , So it looks more fairy .

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