"Fat action team" failed at the box office and remained silent for three years. The article came back with the new film

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fat action team failed box

With Wu Jing 《 Changjin Lake 》 The removal of the file , To some extent, this summer vacation has ended ahead of schedule , But there are still many new films

At present, the summer file is really cold ,《 A serious case of anger 》 I only got... In three days last weekend 1.4 Billion box office , And the box office runner up last weekend 《 The future of midsummer 》 Only 3900 All the box office . This is a summer weekend market ! It can be seen that now the audience are reluctant to go into the cinema

《 A serious case of anger 》 The box office forecast has gone from 15 Billion down to 9 Million or so , In other words, there are only 《 Chinese doctors 》 A movie broke 10 Billion , This is a 2014 The worst summer performance since . This is also the heaviest blockbuster 《 Changjin Lake 》 The reason for the withdrawal , After all, this one costs 13 Billion new films can't afford to lose

In this case, there are still 8 A new film is on , Of course, most of them are small budget films

The new films released this week are 《 Love deeply 》《 Lie detector 》《 Prawn President 》《 The secret is unspeakable 》《 Urge marriage 》《 The city of lovelorn 》《 Westward fish 》《 Magic adventure 》8 works

Most of them are interested in 8 month 14 The Tanabata Festival on the th

《 Love deeply 》 There is Wang Zhi , Clara and other stars , But the film has been withdrawn many times , Obviously, there is no confidence in quality . also 《 Prawn President 》《 The secret is unspeakable 》《 Urge marriage 》 There are basically no stars in low-cost films , Very low attention . The cinema didn't even give a preview

Obviously 8 Of the new films, cinemas are the best 《 Lie detector 》 Box office prospects

《 Lie detector 》 It was scheduled to 8 month 20 Show on ,《 Changjin Lake 》 After the withdrawal, the film was upgraded to 8 month 13 Number . On the first day of release, the cinema gave 28.6% Ultra high preform .

But it's a pity that the film is on pre-sale , The audience doesn't seem to buy it .

By 8 month 9 Number 17 spot 《 Lie detector 》 The box office on the first day of pre-sale is only 9 ten thousand , Compared to the lineup of movie all stars , This result is a failure !

《 Lie detector 》 National Students plus 74 Million box office comedy queen , Why don't the audience buy it

If we say that the actors with the highest national degree in the Mainland , The article must count .《 struggle 》《 Humble abode 》《 Snow Leopard 》 Wait, movies and TV dramas full of people , The articles are starring .

Jet Li chose to shoot 《 Ocean Paradise 》, Even as a supporting actor 《 No two detectives 》, Willing to be a green leaf to hold his dry son .

article 2011 Starring in 《 Lovelorn 33 God 》 Take down 3.5 Billion box office , It was the biggest box office dark horse of that year . Than the one released in the same year 《 Fast and furious 6》 China's box office is still high . Enough to prove the popularity of the article

Unfortunately, the article and Yao Di were photographed , Although I got my wife mai �P The understanding of , But the popularity of the article has never returned to its peak , Many blockbusters dare not find articles

In the article, there was a cinema film and 2018 Year of 《 The fat action team 》, Baubel directed and acted , Two actors who are not popular with the audience ,《 The fat action team 》 Word of mouth is naturally bad , Baubel also confidently shouted that the box office was going to break 10 Billion , But the final box office is only 2.6 Billion .

《 Lie detector 》 The hostess is Mary , As the leading actress of happy Mahua . Mary is undoubtedly a golden brand of comedy in recent years . The box office of his personal works is as high as 74 Billion . But it should be noted that Shen Teng plays in most of Mary's high box office films

A big label on Mary is Shen Teng's golden partner , The combination of two people can always bring laughter to the audience

Mary doesn't play in Shen Teng movies , Box office and word-of-mouth performance is not so strong .

In recent years, Mary has starred in unhappy Mahua films 《 The call went wild 》《 Sunshine robber 》, among 《 Sunshine robber 》 The box office is only 4300 ten thousand . It can only be said that Mary's golden signboard is not so smart when she leaves Shen Teng

《 Lie detector 》 It's a happy enemy routine , The main star lineup

《 Lie detector 》 The plot of the film can probably be inferred from the preview of the film , Ma Xiaofan, played by Ma Li, is a slag discriminator , The most powerful thing is that it can make slag man green tea automatically tell the truth . The article plays Zuo Nan, a master liar

They had an engagement , Still right . But like each other against the villains , Finally get together

Film director Yang Yuanhan had only one TV play before , Although he is a happy Mahua signing Director , But the director's ability has yet to be verified .《 Lie detector 》 It's not a movie produced by happy Mahua . The audience should know this

But the film has invited many stars to guest play , "36229b; , Also provided , Zhang Shuangli , You benchang , Yang Xinming , Bu Yu , Yu Sasha, wait . Is, indeed, 8 The film with the strongest star lineup in June

Throughout 8 When there are no big new films this month , the 《 Lie detector 》 It's worth looking forward to

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