Online movies have the highest score of Douban in 2021. What are the changes to the industry?

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online movies highest score douban

Douban high score “ Allure ”, In the current film market, it is more attractive to the industry .

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Of online movies “ High marks ”.

In the near future , A new online movie 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Obtained the opening of watercress 8.3 branch , It has set a new high in the history of online film . Even though 《 Tough guy gun god 》 The current watercress score has slipped , The high score of Douban in the film is also a very rare achievement , At least in this year's film market , It's rare in cinema movies that Douban has been separated 8 The film appears .

actually , For the development of online films that still lag behind cinema films , The domestic market and the public often don't give too much expectations .《 Tough guy gun god 》 The same is true of , Lack of enough attention before going online , Expectations are naturally not high , But the film handed over an answer sheet with a passing score of more than , It's easy to gain more tolerant praise from the audience . This is a 《 Tough guy gun god 》 The biggest reason for the high opening is .

secondly , Different from other online movies, they only focus on data such as broadcast heat ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Based on the marketing publicity at the cinema level , Also carried out the movie style pre broadcast word-of-mouth maintenance action , Through the pre broadcast screening of the premiere, the praise of fans and media was released in advance , It also has a positive influence on the film to get a high opening score of Douban .

The cinema film market has not completely escaped from the unstable dilemma , This summer is basically “ In name only ”. Nowadays, online movies 《 Tough guy gun god 》 A good start , It will probably bring new thinking to cinema film companies , That is, we began to face up to what the online film market has in this special period “ buffer ” value .


Why does it appear 8.3 Open the picture and get high marks ?

Low expectations “ Burst out ” High value .

Even though 7 Year old “ Internet movies ” Has walked out of the era of barbaric growth , It has entered a new stage of development of high-quality content , But as a member of the film industry , The whole industry of online movies is not strong enough , It is still often criticized for the poor quality of content .

Basically , The housing economy that began last year has brought changes in the way of entertainment consumption , Online movies have gained a lot of development dividends , But that doesn't mean , In the absence of high-quality content for a long time , Online movies can quickly have enough content competitiveness and influence to effectively target cinema movies .

and With the vast majority of online movies easy to fall into “ Quality depression ”, Even if an online movie can successfully attract high attention from the market and the public , The market and the public will not easily have high expectations for this online film . What this actually brings is , If the completion of an online movie is good , Exceeded the original expectations ,“ surprised ” The audience will often give a good evaluation of the film .

It is worth noting that , This situation has basically become the biggest reason why many online movies can get higher scores , But this kind of more tolerant public evaluation does not mean that the content quality of this online film has indeed reached a corresponding level .

from 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Look at , The same is true of this online movie . stay 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Before playing on the online Youku platform , Films with a poor cast of CASS did not get high public attention , Naturally, it doesn't matter how much public expectation it can have .

however ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 The content actually presented to the audience has a high degree of completion , The quality has also reached above the passing line . In especial , The cool audio-visual presentation of the film's restored game scenes has won unanimous praise ,8.3 The high opening of Douban has become an expected good result .

And in the audience's film review ,“ No expectations for online movies , This film surprised me ”、“ It's really a surprise to put it in the standard of online movies ” And other evaluation words are more common , It is also obvious that The audience with low expectations often have a high tolerance for high-quality online films .


Online movies are divided “ Cinema Line ”

The application of Douban opening mode in cinema films .

actually , about 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Come on , In addition to the audience's generally low expectations for online movies , This online movie can get 8.3 There is another important reason why the watercress are higher than the watercress , The film learned the word-of-mouth maintenance mode of cinema films , Released in advance .

The specific term ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Before Youku plays online , The organizer first arranged an offline premiere , Targeted pre broadcast point mapping , And with the help of many praise and love from fans and the media , It has laid a good reputation foundation for the opening of watercress after the film .

meanwhile ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Like other online movies , Carried out publicity and marketing at the cinema level . Whether it's the main creator live broadcast 、 Internal collaboration of Alibaba's platform wide resources in linkage with hungry , It is also a different industry cooperation such as Snickers and other brands , Are trying to help the film find more matching people , So as to expect better market performance .

It's not hard to find , stay 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Before , The vast majority of online movies don't pay much attention to the opening of Douban , At least there is no Douban opening as an important entry point for the film online , More still with TOB My thinking focuses on the dimensions such as the popularity of the film , Just outside of marketing, it's like cinema movies in form .

From this point of view ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Performed a rare pre broadcast word-of-mouth maintenance action for online movies , One of the important industrial significance is that the online film industry has gradually developed from TOB To TOC Change your thinking and consciousness , It is conducive to the next online movie to further meet the content needs of Internet users .

Besides ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 On the air , The domestic epidemic situation repeats again , The cinema film market has fallen back into an unstable dilemma , The sense of existence of the whole summer file has been greatly weakened , I gave it to 《 Tough guy gun god 》 While trying to maintain more possibilities of cinema film word-of-mouth , It also allows such an attempt to get more attention . This effect should also be seen .


High scores make the value of online movies revalued

A buffer for cinema studios .

Throughout all the films that have appeared in the domestic film market this year , Although the Douban score of the film may rise during the release , but Only scored with watercress 8 By this standard , Qualified Chinese cinema films have not appeared this year .

that , In this context , Internet movies 《 Tough guy gun god 》 It realizes the opening and opening of watercress 8.3 Good score , It has become a benchmark for the whole film market so far this year . In fact, this can greatly affect the next development direction of the online film market .

Fundamentally ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 Before appearance , Although more and more cinema film companies participate in the online film market , but The main significance of the online film industry still lies in training and incubating new talents and talents in the film industry IP, And digest the surplus types of themes with poor results in cinema films .

Such a position , This has made the online film industry fall into “ Despise the chain ” among , And can't skip the cinema, and the film industry can develop independently , Whether it's the production team 、 Or content output , Always slightly inferior to cinema movies , Can't jump out . Cinema film companies at this stage are more involved , It won't break the cycle .

In contrast ,《 Tough guy gun god 》 This kind of online film that pays attention to high score appears , Let cinema film companies see more value of the online film market as much as possible , Fame and wealth can achieve double income . In the production of online movie content , The cinema film companies that enter the Bureau will have more “ ambition ”, This is far better than at this stage “ Have the confidence ” It is much more important to train young talents .

From this point of view , The online film industry is ushering in a new turning point of development , Can get more opportunities in the future , To shake “ Missing boutique content 、 At the bottom of the cinema film industry ” This dilemma . Just from the development of online movies , This will hit a more effective “ Water flower ”.

And for cinema studios , Nowadays, the instability of the cinema film market will not end in the short term , The financial pressure will only increase . The online film market gradually presents more possibilities , Will let cinema studios reassess the market , Start to face up to the fact that in the next period of time , Whether this market can become its more reliable “ buffer ”. This may be 《 Tough guy gun god 》 Douban high opening has more value .

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