Domestic sports films are popular

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domestic sports films popular

The Tokyo Olympic Games have come to an end , The Chinese Legion took 38 gold 32 silver 18 Copper's brilliant achievements come back with a full load , The enthusiasm of the people all over the country is high . Xiaobian noticed , In the past year , Show volleyball 、 The marathon 、 Movies about sports such as sprinting, such as 《 take the crown 》《 Great dad 》《 transcend 》 All have been hot . Next , show “ Synchronized Swimming ” Of 《 Five boys splashing in the water 》 Will show ; With 2022 The 2008 Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching , Winter Olympics movies 《 My heart is flying 》 Has announced a booking 2022 First day of the lunar year . in addition , There are also some sports films that have been filed and are being filmed , Such as 《 Chinese table tennis 》《 Flying basketball team 》 And so on . Under the fresh air outlet , Domestic sports films are expected to go up against the wind .

《 take the crown 》 And other domestic sports films have achieved good results

before , Many excellent imported sports films have made box office success in China 、 Word of mouth double harvest good results , Like India 《 Wrestling. ! Dad 》、 Malaysia 《 The loser is the king : Li Zongwei 》、 Russia's 《 Flower skating queen 》、 In the United States 《 Uncle drew 》、 Spanish 《 Basketball champion 》 etc. .

Over the years , Domestic sports films began to develop by leaps and bounds , Both quantity and quality are constantly improving . such as , Two films directed by Lin Chaoxian , among 2013 Year of 《 fierce fighting 》 Focus on Boxing ,2015 Year of 《 Breaking wind 》 Focus on cycling . in addition ,2019 year , Starring Yang Kun 《 The heart of the champion 》 Aimed at Boxing .

From last year to now , The box office performance and reputation of many domestic sports films that have been released 、 Douban scores are good . such as 2020 year 9 month 25 It's coming out today 《 take the crown 》, About the Chinese women's volleyball team in 1981 Won the world championship for the first time to 2019 Won the first 10 The history of a world champion , It explains that several generations of women's volleyball players have experienced ups and downs but have always been indomitable 、 A legendary experience of continuous struggle , The ultimate prize 8.36 Billion yuan box office . This year's Tokyo Olympic Games , Although the Chinese women's volleyball team is not among the top eight in the world , But they were brilliant at the world series , They have been beyond the reach of other teams in the world .

《 transcend 》 Once paid tribute to

“ Su Bingtian won the gold medal in Jakarta ” A scene

At the Tokyo Olympics , In the men's 100m semi-final , Su Bingtian took the first place in the group 9 second 83 Our achievements make history , Become the first Chinese athlete to reach the men's 100m final of the Olympic Games , Set a new Asian record . In the subsequent finals , He is in 9 second 98 For the first 6 name , This is the best ranking of Chinese athletes in the 100 meter race .

veritable “ The first flying man in Asia ” Su Bingtian is still brushing the screen . The movies that hit this year 《 transcend 》 Main creator Zheng Kai 、 Li Chen 、 Li Yunrui made a blog to praise Su Bing for the first time . Actually , A movie starring Zheng Kai 《 transcend 》 I paid tribute to Su Bingtian , In the film, Zheng Kai rushes across the finish line to win the championship 、 The scene of kneeling, clenching his fist and roaring , It is to Su Bingtian 2018 Tribute to the gold medal winning moment of the Asian Games in Jakarta .

It is worth mentioning that , stay 《 transcend 》 At the beginning of shooting , To make your running posture more professional , Starring Zheng Kai specially found Su Bingtian to learn art , And Zheng Kai is still practicing on Ersha Island that Su Bingtian once trained , Later, the film was filmed there .

Self-Improvement 、 Growth and other themes

Began to run through domestic sports films

Domestic sports films are ushering in a new stage of development , Except for 《 take the crown 》 This kind of sports drama , There are also many mixed types of sports films , Such as 《 Great dad 》 About a father and son ,《 Five boys splashing in the water 》 About a group of hot-blooded teenagers .“ Self-Improvement ”“ grow up ” The fusion of other types of elements , It has become a feature of current sports films , It also brings more possibilities .

《 Great dad 》 With a good reputation, it has become this year 6 A horse of the month movie “ Small dark horse ”. The film tells of a man who has a rare disease but has “ Marathon dream ” Young shordon 、 A stubborn forced his son to preview “ Life for the blind ” Taxi driver's father Xiao Daming , In a marathon, the two exchanged identities , Stand side by side on the starting line , In the end, all roads lead to the same goal , The story of breaking through the limits of their lives .

Coming out 《 Five boys splashing in the water 》 In order to “ Synchronized Swimming ” Youth type film with project as the carrier , Adapted from the Japanese film of the same name , about 5 After a male high school student accidentally formed a men's synchronized swimming team , Facing the ridicule of classmates 、 The teacher's question 、 Parents' opposition , It's burning “ Want to win once ” The hot blood story of youth .

Focus on the Winter Olympic athletes

《 My heart is flying 》 The gear has been set 2022 In the Spring Festival

There are many domestic sports films to be released . During this year's Shanghai Film Festival , The movie 《 Punch ! Mom 》 Overexposure , But it hasn't been set yet . The film starred Tan Zhuo , Focus on women's Boxing , And put the topic on women .

Expected 《 My heart is flying 》 Has announced a booking 2022 New year's Day . Many sports fans still remember , stay 2002 In the first 19 At the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics , Chinese athletes are 500 The moment of winning the gold medal in the meter short track speed skating . This is the 1980 The first gold medal won by the Chinese delegation since it participated in the Winter Olympics in , This gold medal made the Chinese wait 22 years , Generations of ice and snow athletes work tirelessly , The whole country is cheering and boiling for this landmark gold medal . The movie 《 My heart is flying 》 The creative inspiration of is derived from the breakthrough of zero gold medal in China's Winter Olympics , Tell the story of athletes struggling and enterprising 、 The story of winning glory for the country .

《 My heart is flying 》 Supervised by Xu Zheng , Wang Fangfang directed , Meng Meiqi 、 Starring Xia Yu , Since startup , It has attracted much attention and hot discussion inside and outside the industry , Related topics have been on the hot search list of social media platforms for many times , Public expectations are high . Meng Meiqi plays short track speed skater Yang Fan , After a lot of time training , She also added weight to the character 15 Jin . Xia Yu, who plays national team coach Qin Shan in the film, said , Meng Meiqi “ It's a tough guy ”, Meng Meiqi in order to truly present the feeling of pain after foot injury , Take the initiative to put a stone in the skate shoe , Be dressed in “ Specially made ” My skates are flying on the ice , The last stone was still covered with blood . in addition , The film also invited many professional short track speed skaters 、 Coaches participate in shooting .

Approved 《 Chinese table tennis 》 etc.

There is no news of shooting yet

In last year's 33 During the Golden Rooster Awards for Chinese films , Hengye pictures released 2021 The latest project list of the year ,《 Chinese table tennis 》 Among them , Draw attention to .

In Hengye film “12+2” Of “ Genre films are the main route , Boutique TV series 、 Online movies and online dramas focus on development ” In the combination of ,“ Sports motivation ” Under the type , The first release is with the sports culture development center of the State Sports Administration 、 Films jointly created by iqiyi film 《 Chinese table tennis 》, Pay tribute to the national ball and revisit the moment of history , Reproduce self game and national feelings , Plans to 2021 Power on in .

Some sports films have been approved . such as 《 Flying basketball team 》, The project data show that , The film was directed by Zeng 《 Tokyo strategy 》 and 《 European strategy 》 Ma chucheng, who wrote and directed his works , Once published a poster for casting recruitment , The poster shows that Huang Minghao and Wu Xuanyi will play the leading roles respectively .

“ Olympic new air outlet ”

Looking forward to more “ sports +” Genre

The online discussion atmosphere during this year's Tokyo Olympic Games is exciting and warm , Everyone cheers for the Olympic athletes , While the whole people play . The athletes got the medals , Let's cheer ; When you don't win a medal , Everyone held “ If you spell, you are a hero ” Give comfort and encouragement to your common heart .

In this context , There will be 2022 2008 Beijing Winter Olympic Games . Many industry sources , When national self-confidence and national pride are strong enough “ Not just gold medals ” when , The value and charm of sports can be more diversified . Sports Themed film and television dramas will also usher in “ Olympic new air outlet ”, Look forward to more new types , It is also expected that a hundred flowers will bloom .

Generally speaking , Compared with other types of films , The shooting of sports films is very difficult , Easy to have barriers . Sports are highly professional , The physical quality of actors is very high , It also requires actors to spend a lot of time learning professional skills . And sports movies are no longer just restoring iconic Sports Events , We should also reflect the sports spirit through the film's unique narrative way and lens language .

what's more , Empathy and empathy , Is the key for the audience to buy movie tickets . Over the years , Sports films actively try to graft other types and elements , For example, with youth films 、 Comedy, etc , formation “ sports +” Genre , There are also many successful examples , for example 《 Great dad 》 Family elements 、《 transcend 》 Comic elements of 、《 Five boys splashing in the water 》 Growth elements , These are important breakthroughs for them to approach the audience .

Some people in the industry said , Combined with the sports spirit of the new era , There are good stories and real people , Under the shell of sports , Coupled with resonating emotions and wonderful special effects , You can make sports movies that are different from daily life , I believe the audience will be moved by the story and characters . Predictably enough , In the short term , Sports films will usher in a new outbreak , In such a path , Sports movies may achieve “ transcend ”.

Source of text : Yangtze Evening News / Ziniu news reporter Kong Xiaoping

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