Luo Zhixiang is ready to return: try to return to the original position! And Zheng Shuang is not willing to show weakness

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luo zhixiang ready return try

As an artist , Especially the highly influential artists , Their words and deeds will affect many people , therefore , Before being an artist , Not only to improve their business level , The most important thing is to cultivate their correct moral concepts and values , Immoral artists will eventually be abandoned by the public , Do art first , Morality first , An artist is not just a profession , More social responsibility .

Luo Zhixiang admits he is ready to return

(1) Review of Luo Zhixiang's storm

2020 year 4 month 23 Japan , Luo Zhixiang's ex girlfriend Zhou Yangqing sent a document , Announce that he and Luo Zhixiang have broken up , The nine-year relationship between them has come to a complete end , And also exposed Luo Zhixiang's private life , Luo Zhixiang cheated many times , Having an improper relationship with many people , The next day in the morning , Luo Zhixiang sent a document to apologize to Zhou Yangqing and all the women who had been cheated by him . Public opinion is constantly fermenting , Luo Zhixiang's career has plummeted , Business endorsements and variety shows have all been terminated , today , Luo Zhixiang has gradually faded out of the public view .

(2) Luo Zhixiang replied to fans

Although it has faded out of public view , But there are still fans waiting for his comeback , Recently, a fan edited a video about Luo Zhixiang , And a caption “ Our story , It's not over yet ”, After Luo Zhixiang overturned , Unexpectedly, there are still fans supporting him , Experienced the whole network scolding , The psychological pressure resistance of these fans is not ordinary , During Luo Zhixiang's silence , Still insist on doing output , Quietly waiting for Luo Zhixiang to return , And then , Luo Zhixiang also brushed this video , And personally reply to the fan , Say you saw , While thanking the fans , He also promised to try to return to his original position ! Let the fans give him some time , He won't disappear , Fans are his most solid backing .

(3) The heart of comeback has never stopped

It's not just this time to reply to fans , Just after the storm subsided last year, the fan's message was overturned on a short video platform , The content is also expressing the mentality of wanting to come back , More Than This , In this year 4 Month of the month , Luo Zhixiang also posted a confusing dynamic on the social platform , The general content is that there are always some deliberately rhythmic people this year , Take the opportunity to drop the stone , He couldn't bear the report taken out of context , And deliberately sold it in the back , Said that night 8 A real big gossip will be announced at o'clock , At that time, the entertainment industry was turbulent ,“ disappear ” Luo Zhixiang, who has been for a long time, suddenly released such information at this juncture , Gualu eaters are attracted to the past .

As soon as the time came , Luo Zhixiang sent a gossip map , Not everyone understands the star gossip , And then , Luo Zhixiang was scolded , It doesn't look like fun for a while , But for his comeback “ Test the waters ”, Look at the public reaction to him , However, no one eats his way , More Than This , Luo Zhixiang once pretended to be a cleaner and swept the floor on the street , Want to hear how passers-by scold themselves , And Luo Zhixiang insisted that he would come back .

Zheng Shuang still “ Cool words, cool words ”

(1) Early in the morning, he sent a document begging for a way to live

Over there, Luo Zhixiang wants to make a comeback , Zheng Shuang here is no exception , The next morning after Luo Zhixiang replied to his fans , Zheng Shuang posted on his personal social platform , Beg my friend to give me a way to live , Say you're not a devil , But each other's beloved little monster . Zheng Shuang's speech style is still the same “ Cool words, cool words ”, It's hard to understand , This sentence seems to beg the public's forgiveness , Give yourself a way to live , It's like begging ex boyfriend Zhang Heng for forgiveness , Beg the other party to let go of yourself .

(2) Recent situation of Zheng Shuang

Some time ago , Zheng Shuang responded positively to his emotional dispute with Zhang Heng for the first time , Admitted the fact that he was an illegal surrogate , But deny your daily salary 208 The rumor of Wan , Then Zhang Heng released a screenshot , Keep hammering Zheng Shuang , The emotional dispute between the two still hasn't subsided , Zheng Shuang also admitted his mistake , And assumed their social responsibility , Zheng Shuang's silence , It has almost faded out of the public view , But she doesn't seem to give up , Just like Luo Zhixiang , I've been waiting for a chance to turn over .

Which of Luo Zhixiang and Zheng Shuang has a greater chance of comeback

(1) be six of one and half a dozen of the other

Luo Zhixiang did not break the law , But there is a moral bottom line , The star's private life is disorderly , It will have a bad impact on the public , After all, there are many minors in the fans of artists , The three outlooks are not yet mature , Artists' behavior will bring wrong value guidance to fans ; Zheng Shuang violated both legal and moral aspects , SARFT also clearly punished Zheng Shuang , It's not likely to come back , Whether it's Luo Zhixiang , Or Zheng Shuang , Although they made different mistakes , But as an influential star artist , The adverse effects they bring are the same .

(2) Before starting ART , Virtue comes first

In recent years , There are constant star rollovers , And basically the traffic is relatively large 、 Well known stars , The Wu Yifan incident is like a mirror , Expose the dark side of the entertainment industry , Now Wu Yifan has been punished accordingly , The top stream of the past fell “ shrines ”, Everyone shouts to fight , Luo Zhixiang and Zheng Shuang are no exception , In the face of law and morality , No matter how versatile these stars are , That's all unconvincing , Only their own clean , Artists who work steadfastly and give back to the public will go further and longer .

The entertainment industry has been turbulent in recent days , It can be called an entertainment earthquake , Some bad times have been found out one after another , The threshold of stars has gradually been paid attention to , Relevant departments have also begun to take measures to restrain stars , Especially the problem of film pay , More Than This , The management of pink circle culture is also constantly improving , Or that sentence , It is the most basic principle for stars to abide by the law , As a public figure , Is to manage yourself more strictly than ordinary people , Reasonably guide fans to be positive .

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