"Celebrating more years" became famous in the first World War. Tong Mengshi, the "five bamboo" welcomes another 60 episodes of ancient costume drama, and the female owner has changed

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celebrating years famous world war.

2019 year , a 《 Petition order 》 It's a wave “ Delay the tide and wind ”, But under this boom , One is called 《 Celebrate more than 》 But my online drama can stand out , You can imagine how classic this play is .

Starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin 《 Celebrate more than 》, With a macro new world outlook and “ Strategy theory ” It shows a story of winning by wisdom , And got the favor of most of the audience , Even today , The play also has 8.0 The Douban score of .

For online dramas , This is already very high .

But for the 《 Celebrate more than 》 Besides having a good script , More importantly, the actors are all powerful , For example, Chen Daoming 、 Wu Gang 、 Wang Yang 、 Xinzhilei 、 Xiao Zhan, wait .

Just think of a good script with many stars supporting the moon , How can it not be recognized by the audience ? Even now I'm looking forward to the start of the second season .

Remember “ Uncle wuzhu ” Do you ?

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