"Anger · serious case" continues to be popular, and the plot is old-fashioned, but this is the original Hong Kong film of police and bandits

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anger case continues popular plot

《 Anger · Serious case 》 Continuous heat reflection , So far , The cumulative box office has reached 5.58 Billion . But because of the epidemic , Some cinemas have closed . The film's one-day box office fell rapidly , Only got 2000 More than ten thousand . The number of sheets is still very high , More than the 30%, The attendance rate is only 3.9%, Still won the attendance crown .

This film is the legacy of director Chen Musheng , It brings an excellent film viewing experience . The plot of the film seems very old-fashioned , It's still a battle between police and bandits , Joined more fighting scenes , It has a strong visual impact , This is the original police and bandit Hong Kong Film . The film stars Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse , Both of their acting skills are online . Especially Nicholas Tse , Perfectly interpret Qiu Gangao as a fierce bandit .

The cumulative box office has reached 5.58 Billion

《 Anger · Serious case 》 The heat is still the highest . The cumulative box office has reached 5.58 Billion . Cat's eye predicts a cumulative box office of 10.03 Billion . Yesterday's box office forecast was 9.95 Billion , A slight improvement , This is mainly because the daily box office receipts over the weekend have exceeded 5000 ten thousand .

The film has been shown so far 11 God , The normal screening cycle of a film is 1 Months , And at least 19 Days of screening time . This means that at least there can be 3 A weekend screening period . If all goes well , At least get 2 Billion box office receipts . Plus the daily box office revenue of more than ten million , There is great hope that 10 Billion .

Because of the epidemic , Starring Wu Jing 《 Changjin Lake 》 The file has been removed , The original gear setting time was 8 month 12 Japan . This indirectly makes 《 Anger · Serious case 》 Lost a competitor . It is of great help to box office revenue .

Attendance continues to decline

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