Huang Yali and her husband play and sing new songs. She changes her voice and acts like a little girl. She is so spoiled by Wang Hao

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huang yali husband play sing

8 month 9 Japan , Huang Yali arranged dog food for fans on the trumpet , One is responsible for playing and the other is responsible for singing , Jin Se and Ming , Live a life like a fairy couple . Huang Yali said in an enclosure : Rehearsal before recording is still necessary , my 《 The child 》.

It is estimated that there are only two couples in the family , So Huang Yali has to install the camera first . Huang Yali appeared in the mirror , With two little braids , Wearing a hat , Full of youth .

After starting recording , Huang Yali took care of the camera , Just jump �Q I went back to my husband .

This love nest was decorated by two people , The color of the sofa is like a cane , A big wooden frame stands on the wall , The wall behind the sofa is full of famous works , Although not the master's authentic work , But it also shows the taste of the owner of the house . The whole house is full of art , It's Pastoral , Living here should make people return to inner peace , Writing songs must also be inspired .

《 The child 》 It's Huang Yali's new song , As soon as the song sounded , It makes people feel goose bumps , Whether it's the lyrics 、 Or the tune , Or Huang Yali's singing skills are very good , Melodious and beautiful , Suitable for looping .

Huang Yali sings very hard , In contrast, my husband Wang Hao , But it's like a piano playing machine without emotion , There was no expression in the whole process , In sharp contrast .

Singing and singing , Huang Yali suddenly spoiled Wang Hao , Even the sound has changed , Claim to have just sung “ ah ” Not when “ ah ” good , The state of speaking is like 《 The best life for a coquettish woman 》 Sui Tang in , And that sentence “ How can I eat rabbit ” The same is true .

The outside world may think Huang Yali's voice and actions are very artificial , But Wang Hao has long been used to , And I like it very much , The two have formed a tacit understanding of getting along .

Wang Hao comforted “ Then do it again ”, And pinched Huang Yali's mouth , Very doting .

Fans left a message saying that this song is super beautiful , As for the spoiled part , Probably just read 5 All the time .

Wang Hao is currently the director of Hunan TV's large-scale events , young . Although Huang Yali only has 32 year , But I have already talked with Wang Hao 16 year , in other words , When they first got together , She's under age . What's more, it's worth mentioning , Among them 13 It was a long-distance relationship , It's really amazing to stick to it .

The couple have been together for so many years , It's time to change your identity , For example, you can upgrade to be a parent .

the other day , Huang Yali also took pictures of her husband playing and singing with two children , Tease Xiao Wang and laugh at his aunt again .

Fans have spawned online , Huang Yali responded positively “ Make arrangements now ”、“ Have a baby tomorrow to show you ”……

I don't know if Huang Yali is really going to have a baby , Or because her new song is called 《 The child 》, Or she wrote a song called 《 The child 》 Song , To express their wish to have a baby ?

Not long ago, Huang Yali and her husband were in the same frame , Show up in suspenders , The lower abdomen bulges , Suspected of being pregnant .

It has been revealed that the two will also participate in 《 Happy Trio 》, Feelings that have been low-key for so long have surfaced , Maybe it can help Huang Yali's career to a higher level !

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