After recording variety shows and acting in movies, Ding Zhen became popular for half a year, he still waded in the muddy water of the entertainment industry

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recording variety shows acting movies

For netizens who often pay attention to entertainment news , The name Ding Zhen must be familiar , Although Ding Zhen is not a star , But his fame is much bigger than many stars .

Since last year 11 After a month , Ding Zhen is popular all over the network , With a video , Ding Zhen let netizens see what is “ Natural innocence ” My handsome boy , Ding Zhen's first popular video is impressive , The young man has a wild beauty , The eyes are also very pure , This is what many stars in the entertainment industry do not have , So Ding zhenhuo .

It sounds fun to be popular overnight , But actually put it on anyone , Will be accompanied by a lot of pressure , Ding Zhen is no exception .

At the beginning of Ding Zhen's popularity , He has no clear plan for the future , His experience and his family can't make him make an accurate judgment on his life , Is it a net celebrity or a public figure ? Everything is unknown .

Innumerable pairs of eyes stared at Ding Zhen , A wanghong company threw an olive branch to Ding Zhen , Ding Zhen wants to sign a contract at a high price , Netizens are worried that once Ding Zhen becomes a net Celebrity , Will be over commercialized , Then Ding Zhen will no longer “ pure ”, This is what you don't want to see .

Fortunately, , Ding Zhen was finally invited by local state-owned enterprises , Become an enterprise employee , And also served as the local image ambassador , Relying on Ding Zhen's fame and popularity , Local tourism in Litang, Sichuan has indeed made progress and developed .

Many people envy Ding Zhen's ending , I think Ding really compares the students who have been studying hard for ten years with only a handsome face , But in fact, Ding really deserves such an ending , His popularity has driven the local economic development , This is a positive thing , Most people want to do it without this condition , Netizens don't have to complain about unfair fate .

Ding Zhen avoids being over commercialized , This is the best ending for him , But for more than half a year , Ding Zhen is very active in public view , Even gradually close to the entertainment industry .

Record variety show 、 Make a movie , After Ding Zhen became popular for half a year , After all � In the muddy waters of the entertainment industry !

lately , Mango table variety 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 The launch , I found out by accident , Ding Zhen is the permanent guest of this variety show , Join him in the recording of this season's program , And Huang Xiaoming 、 quiet 、 Yao An Na 、 Zhou also 、 Gong Jun .

I watched an issue with curiosity 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》, But I was disappointed , It's no exaggeration to say , This season's program is 5 The worst season of the season .

As a restaurant operating variety show , None of the guests can cook , Last season's Zhang lianglin Shuwei was “ Retreat ”, The program has completely changed its taste , The guest lineup is more like a patchwork made up by the program team for ratings “ Traffic lineup ”.

Ding Zhen participates in this variety show , Force a table with several traffic stars , I always feel strange .

Besides recording variety shows , Ding Zhen also participated in the film , In technical terms , Ding Zhen can be regarded as an artist with the dual development of film and television variety .

Some time ago , A big online movie 《 Our new life 》 It's on , The film is divided into 5 A unit , Ding Zhen acted as a guest star 《 All the way forward 》 unit , The star of this unit is Yang Chaoyue 、 Wang Xun 、 Pan Binlong .

Ding Zhen doesn't play much , But I'm officially an actor , He and Yang Chaochao both belong to the category of people with super high appearance , With two beautiful faces ,《 All the way forward 》 It has also become the most popular unit of the film , You can see that , Ding Zhen still has a market in the entertainment industry .

Six months after the explosion , Ding Zhen finally embarked on the road of being a star , Record variety show 、 Making movies has gone through , This also proved to netizens , The threshold of being a star is not high , Even if you and Ding Zhen are like a piece of white paper , As long as your appearance is high enough , Someone is willing to hold , Popular minute things .

Last , I still hope Ding can really keep his original heart , Don't be polluted by the entertainment industry , A few years later, look back at your choice , At least I won't regret , Coming back is still a teenager !

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