Li Ronghao gave up voting for LingChao: I taught him 20 classes and dreamed of going back to Dachang

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li ronghao gave voting lingchao

Do you remember 2018 Early in the year 《 Idol trainee 》 Well ? This program carries the memories of many young friends !

Many people's first time pick, First shot , Anti black 、 The data is given to this program , Good big boys . The members of the show who made their debut in groups , Now many are popular idol stars . So for those who don't make a debut in the end , Is there anyone else watching them , Support them ? Those players have gone to different development paths . Some transfer 、 Some return to reality 、 Some live well 、 Some have no ups and downs in the circle .

Some people will never admit defeat , They are still striving to pursue their dreams , Run forward . Even now it's not a big hit , But after all, there is gradually a sound and color .

In this issue, we are talking about such an idol and a mentor in the program , Interaction on variety shows . Have to say , This interaction , It reminds people of a lot of things in the past !

See you on the show

The two protagonists in this issue are occasional player Ling Chao and program mentor Li Ronghao . you 're right , The idol mentioned above who is trying to shine is LingChao . For LingChao , My friends should not be very familiar with . Because he is not one of the hot stars now , Not even red . But I have seen 《 Idol trainee 》 The audience should know him . Next , Let's take a look at the touching scene of LingChao and his mentor Li Ronghao meeting again in the program !

(1) Ling Chao participates in the program

The peak of psychic hyperthermia should be in 《 Idol trainee 》 During and after the finals . Although there is no group in the program , But after leaving the factory , Under the arrangement of the company, they formed a new combination with other players who didn't make a debut . But this combination has never been warm . The combination of LingChao also appeared at some activity sites , image 2020 Starlight Awards in , They were the first guests to perform on the stage . But for idols like LingChao , There are still few opportunities for the stage .

In the near future , LingChao took part in a music program . This program is called 《 Young rap project 》, The purpose of the program is to cultivate 、 Discover new rappers , Inject fresh vitality into the rap circle . LingChao's business ability is actually quite good , Singing and dancing needless to say , besides , He also has creative talent , Many of his works are from himself . So it won't surprise the audience to appear on the program . Also because I participated in this program , Ling chaocai and Li Ronghao met again after a few years .

(2) Li Ronghao served as a mentor

Li Ronghao has also appeared frequently in various music variety programs in recent years , As a famous original singer . Many of Li Ronghao's works are very popular , Strength is also recognized . Plus his performance in the variety show is very interesting , That's why so many programs invite him to be a guest or mentor . In this program , He used to be teacher LingChao in Dachang period , Now incarnate as the judge teacher , After a long time, I watched his performance again . See him become more excellent and powerful , My heart should be filled with emotion , After all, the happiest thing for teachers all over the world is to see their students growing and making progress .

Development and waiver

The main events that caused this discussion have been discussed with the partners above , Next, let's take a look at the current development of LingChao and the reasons for Li Ronghao's abstention !

(1) The development of LingChao

The current development of LingChao has been mentioned more or less above , Now let's talk in detail . After LingChao came out of the factory , form The combination did not set off much spray . After all, there are so many entertainment idol groups now , There is no shortage of people who can sing and dance . LingChao may have been hit by reality , But a blow is not a repulsion . The more difficulties he encountered, the less afraid he was . I really admire him for holding on like this . Fortunately, after a year or two, LingChao was finally seen by more people . For example, it is a good sign to appear on variety shows now . In reality , There are few people like LingChao who can unswervingly follow a path . Many people don't stick to a thing that can't be returned for a long time .

(2) Reasons for Li Ronghao's abstention

Next, let's talk about why Li Ronghao, as a judge teacher in the program, gave up voting . In fact, many friends know the answer , So obvious . Because he is LingChao's teacher . Meet your former students on such an occasion , There must be no way to make an objective decision without bias . But if an unfair decision is made , That's not good for the other players , Nor is it respect for the stage prepared by LingChao . Therefore, Li Ronghao's decision to abstain is worthy of affirmation . Li Ronghao decided to abstain in the program , When asked why , He said something like this : I taught him a lot , On a 20 All classes have . This sentence reminds many fans who have been with LingChao of those beautiful memories , I feel like I dream back to the big factory period . Li Ronghao ” Fatherly “ Generally, looking at the picture of LingChao is really moved .

The evaluation of these two people

(1) How precious is LingChao's firmness

Now so many love bean idols , Those who can't afford to splash are everywhere . Like LingChao, although it is not deeply remembered by the public , But how many people have been pursuing what they like ? When Li Ronghao asked how it was now , LingChao answered very calmly : Doing what you like . This attitude makes the audience's favor rise . After all, how many people are willing to stick to an inaccurate thing all the time .

(2) Li Ronghao deserves admiration

Li Ronghao, as his former teacher , The last time we met was a few years ago , But I remember every student deeply . The greetings and care of meeting are also true , I'm also worried that I can't give LingChao a fair evaluation in my heart , To choose to abstain . Such behavior is admirable .

This issue has said so much , Xiao Bian summarized his feelings about this matter , Now let's share with our friends :

(1) Friendship between teachers and students , We are bound to meet and remember such a role in our life , That's the teacher . No matter what stage of life , Even if you're getting old , There will still be people who will teach you . The value of the friendship between teachers and students is difficult to express in words , But the heart of every teacher and student in the world is worth cherishing .

(2) The courage and determination to pursue dreams . Now more and more people dare to pursue their dreams bravely , But not everyone can firmly run forward . Xiaobian wants to say , In front of dreams , Believe in yourself, believe in the future , I believe persistence and hard work will pay off .

This issue is here , The friendship between teachers and students is really moving ! If you have anything you want to express, you can leave a message !

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