Zhao Benshan's dozens of artists mourned Yu Yuexian. In the play, her husband Chang GUI shared a group photo, which made people cry

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zhao benshan dozens artists mourned

8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Years old 50 year , The whole network was shocked and sad .

It is reported that , Around 3:30 in the morning , Yu Yuexian took SUV When the vehicle reaches the territory of Alxa Right Banner , Collided with two camels , Yu Yuexian was killed , The driver and two passengers were injured , Two camels died . Witnesses said , The perimeter of the accident site has been blocked , Although I can't get close to , But it can be seen that the internal organs of the camel were hit all over the ground . Enough to illustrate the tragedy of the accident . Alxa police also issued a police report , Express , The cause of the accident is under investigation .

Yu Yuexian is the cousin of Zhao Benshan's wife Ma Lijuan , Over the years, he has participated in many works of Benshan team ,《 Rural love 》 The corner of Zhong Xie's big foot is deeply loved by the audience .

After the bad news , Benshan's actors and artists in the circle spoke one after another , To express my feelings for Aunt Bigfoot .

just , I was in 《 Rural love 》 Wang Xiaobao, the actor who plays Xie Dajiao's husband Changgui, wrote :“ Bigfoot , What do you want me to say about you ? It's almost speechless . Bigfoot , You are the soul of ivory mountain , With you “ Rural love ” It tastes . You are not here , How much less seasoning did the old and young men in the village talk after dinner ? The single people in the village are still waiting for you to connect ! At this time, Changgui will blame you , You shouldn't have come to him . Where do you let the bumpy Xiangxiu go ? Poor Huang Shiyou lost his wife in his early years and was lucky to have you in his later years , And now you let him play for the rest of his life . Yes “ Rural love ” It continues , But whatever it was “ Rural love ”, Or the future “ Rural love ”, As long as people see our “ Love ”, Will think of you . It shouldn't be such a thing , This shouldn't be the case , Is there an afterlife ?”

Wang Xiaobao shared three 《 Rural love 》 The crew took a group photo in the past , Recall the killing at the same time , It's even more heartbreaking .

The play , Yu Yuexian and Wang Xiaobao play husband and wife , Xie Dajiao and Chang GUI have become one of the biggest attractions of the play .

Long expensive corner in 《 Country Love Waltz 》 Drowned in one season . A lot of netizens lamented , Changgui is gone , Can come back , Aunt Bigfoot said goodbye to us forever .

Netizens commented on :“ Uncle . I'm so sad . I can't bear aunt Bigfoot . Your hometown love has accompanied me through many sleepless and painful nights . Just look at you . I firmly believe that there must be such a group of lovely people living in Ivory mountain .”“ It's a pity that the , Good bye. Take care. ”“ It shouldn't be like this ”

Different from many disciples of Zhao Benshan , Yu Yuexian is a professional , Graduated from the Central Academy of drama , Not the artist of Benshan , But the actors of Tianjin People's Art Theatre .

The official account of Tianjin People's Art Theatre also published an obituary , Mourn Yu Yuexian deeply :“ Her death is a great loss to Tianjin People's art and even the national literary and art circles , People's art colleagues express their deep condolences ! Alas , There is nothing more to offer , Heaven and earth are sad !” Enough to see Yu Yuexian's influence in Tianjin People's art and even the whole entertainment circle .

Zhao Benshan's daughter Xiaoqiu couldn't hide her endless sadness in her calm tone .

《 Rural love 》 The official microblog has posted twice , Thanks to teacher Yu Yuexian for bringing happiness and positive energy to everyone over the past ten years .

just , Song Xiaobao sent a message of condolences :“ mother's youngest sister-aunt , All the way walk good ”

Little Shenyang said he couldn't believe it .

Zhang Jiahao, vice president of Benshan media, forwarded media reports , And attached the expression of two hands together .

《 Benshan Happy Camp 》 and 《 Variations on rural love 》 Director Zhou Yingnan wrote :“ It hurts me so much , My sister ”, Heartbreaking .

Tian wa shared six beautiful photos of Yu Yuexian , Lament the impermanence of the world .

《 Rural love 》 Actor Zhai Xingyue :

Wang Xiaoli and his wife Li Lin :

《 Rural love 》 Cai Weili, who plays Wang Laoqi in, shared Yu Yuexian 18 Zhang zutu , And specially wrote a long poem , Express sadness .

Ya Douer sent a document and attached 6 A crying expression .

Wang Xiaomeng's actor Bi Chang is hard to accept .

Little Shen Long :

《 Rural love 》 Cao Tongrui, played by Xie Tengfei, sent a document :“ Grandma Bigfoot ”, You can feel his inner pain and reluctance .

《 Rural love 》 Li Xiaofeng, the actor of Zhongwang technician, laments that things are changeable .

《 Rural love 》 Ma Xinyi, who plays Du Xiaoshuang, a female village official :

Zhao benshandi 31 Disciple Dong Sanmao wrote :“ Suddenly I heard the bad news , choke with sobs , Little aunt , All the way walk good , Early bliss .”

Zhao benshandi 39 Apprentice Zhou Yunpeng once lived in 《 I am the actor 》 China and Yu Yuexian perform a sketch .

Zhao benshandi 63 Disciple Cao Xing .

Zhou Yinan, who plays Secretary Li in rural love :

Benshan media Errenzhuan actor Wang Yue :

Once with Yu Yuexian 《 I am the actor 》 Zhang Ziyi, who met in the program, shared their chat records , Yu Yuexian is the eldest martial sister .

Besides ,《 I am the actor 》 Director Wu Tong 、 Actor Zhai Tianlin 、 Xinzhilei 、 Sun Qian 、 Jiang Chao 、 Xiong Ziqi 、 Huang Haibing and others also voiced their condolences .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong, younger brother Yu Yingjie and two younger sisters went to the scene to deal with the accident , near 80 The year-old mother doesn't know yet , The family dare not tell her , I'm afraid she can't accept .

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