This pair is quite sweet! Why are they still struggling!

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pair quite sweet struggling


Lin Yun and Yan Ren , It looks pretty stable .

Recently, I was photographed again , Two people go together 4S Shop to see luxury cars , During this period, Lin Yun kept asking Yan Renzhong's opinions .

Out of the 4S A group of people walk in the street behind the store , Lin Yun is tired of walking , Yan Renzhong carried her on his back .

When they came to the office building to continue their work , Yan people don't forget to put on a head to head killing , Affectionately touch Lin Yun's head .

This year, 2 month , Lin Yun once announced his love on the trumpet , But it was denied by the studio , Say it's a truth adventure .

Then they were photographed one after another , Even photographed going home together , Suspected cohabitation .

This will be holding hands and touching your head again , It's the street again , It's sweet ?

Lin Yun : You think I'm a big adventure , Actually, I mean it


as everyone knows , Wu Peici is in 2012 After meeting Ji Xiaobo and confirming the relationship in ,6 He gave birth to four children in succession , But they didn't get the license .

Wu Peici because of this , Often ridiculed .

Ridicule to ridicule , Wu Peici's behavior of drying his life on the Internet has never stopped .

In addition to bringing children , It's basically all kinds of girlfriends' parties .

But since last year , It has been reported many times that Ji Xiaobo has encountered a financial crisis , Wu Peici has since become low-key .

But recently , Wu Peici returned to her former life , therefore , Not affected by the storm of her boyfriend Ji Xiaobo's company ?


Last Friday 《 My brother 》 The official announced the whole lineup , Did you see ?

The lineup is a little interesting , Including Huang Guanzhong 、 Lin Zhixuan 、 Jordan Chan 、 Thank God 、 zhang 、 Zhao Wenzhuo 、 Zhang Jin 、 Yan Chengxu 、 Li Yundi 、 Huo Zun et al 33 Brother .

Before, netizens commented on the official announcement list of the program , Can't you invite some human high-quality men , As a result, Li Yundi replied , Aren't I a high-quality man ?

Someone was laughed at .

Today, I saw Li Yundi share his recent situation on microblog , He said he lost weight because of his recent show 15 Jin .

The comparison before and after slimming has , I have to say that the changes are quite big .


Luo Zhixiang and Zheng Shuang , It's another day trying to make a comeback

A reply fan :“ Give me some time , I will try to return to my original position , Because there are you .”

A self tweet :“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love .”

this , I don't know what I'm still struggling with ?


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