When "Zhou Shen 2.0" came to good voice 2021, only two tutors turned around and Li Ronghao was indifferent

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zhou shen came good voice

It's the annual “ Good sound time ”, With the end of the Olympic Games ,《 A good voice 2021》 The first two updates have been completed , Although there are four more mentors this year , The wind review is still not ideal .

After reading the first two issues , My first feeling is that the four teaching assistants play a little more , This should be an arrangement of the program group , I hope the four teaching assistants can bring a new improvement to the program , But there is no substantive focus on the TA side , Because the decision is still in the hands of the master ;

so to speak , The students sang in an average way , The tutor is also very average , The first two programs didn't really catch people's attention .

Or maybe the number of mentors has increased , therefore , This season's looting session is still very intense , Only to the second issue , Miss Na Ying has started “ ramble in one's statement ” 了 , It can be seen that the competition between tutors is very fierce .

For example, when facing Sichuan boy Wang Honghao , Na Ying showed full love for , Zhang Bichen beside him also tried his best to assist , However, Wang Honghao chose the team of Sichuan villagers , Let that sister feel frustrated .

Actually , Just look at the performance of several students on stage in the second phase , I think , Yu Kong from Guangdong is very capable , Maybe it's because of the art family , Grandma and grandpa 、 Dad is singing opera , therefore , Yu Kong's basic skills are obviously better than others .

Although only one song was sung , But Na Ying has made very high comments on Yu Kong , He said his voice was deeper and thicker than Zhou , More explosive ;

Besides Na Ying connecting him with Zhou Shen , Mr Wang 、 Li Keqin and Ji kejunyi, Li Ronghao's teaching assistant, both mentioned that he and Zhou Shen are somewhat similar .

And the program group is on the broadcasting platform , It is called “ Zhou Shen 2.0”, therefore , Yu Kong's this time on the stage , Just rely on a topic like Zhou Shen , Has received very high attention .

Many netizens and passers-by are because he is a bit like Zhou Shen , That's why I went to search for his singing this time .

For such comments from the outside world , Yu Kong himself was also very sober , He called Mr. Zhou Shen his example , We should learn from Mr. Zhou Shen both in acting and singing .

Yes, of course , in the final analysis , Yu Kong is just the sound line, a little like Zhou Shen , But he is not Zhou Shen , Everyone is unique , I Believe , Yu Kong doesn't want everyone to call him the second week ;

As Mr. Li Keqin said , What we urgently need to do now is to distinguish ourselves from Zhou Shen , Go your own way , Find the right type .

that , the “ Zhou Shen 2.0” Came to 《 A good voice 》 This stage , How many mentors turned around for it ?

That year , Zhou Shen was in blind selection , Got the turn of three mentors , Did you surpass elder martial brother in your spare time ?

Finish singing in the spare space 《 just 》 After this song , Only two main instructors completed the turn , One is Na Ying , One is Li Keqin ;

Both of them took the initiative to turn around , Without consulting the ta , It can be seen that they not only recognize Yu Kong's voice , It also recognized the singing method of switching back and forth between true and false sounds .

Actually , Long before the two mentors turned around , Mr. Wang Feng has already called him the divinator of Zhou Shen , Everyone heard ;

therefore , Mentors know in their hearts , Once the student is brought under his command , We must give him enough space , After all, with Zhou Shenzhu jade in front , Now let's teach students like him , It's pretty stressful .

But Na Ying and Li Keqin, two mentors who have had in-depth cooperation with Zhou Shen , All turned around , Especially the new Tutor LI Keqin , He and Zhou Shen participated in 《 Our song 》 And meet , The stage is invincible , It fits perfectly , The friendship under the stage goes without saying , It won't be too bad .

To put it bluntly , Mr. Li Keqin knows Zhou Shen's personality and singing , therefore , His effort to invite Yu Kong into the group is really a circle of fans , I hope to see “ Diligent and deep ” Group partners on the same stage , After seeing Li Keqin and “ Zhou Shen 2.0” After the same group , It must also be loved .

But on the contrary , Neither Wang Feng nor Li Ronghao turned around , It says , Wang Feng knew from the beginning that the student was the divination of Zhou Shen , As for why Wang Feng didn't turn around ?

The reason is also simple , Mainly the conflict of music style , Wang Feng specializes in rock and heavy metal music , And Zhou Shen's route itself is different , It's excusable not to turn around .

Although they didn't turn around , But the situation faced by Li Ronghao and Wang Feng is not the same , As a teaching assistant of Li Ronghao , Ji kejunyi has made it very clear , The remaining space is very similar to the original circumferential depth , Body and singing are very similar , But he remained indifferent ;

It can be seen that Li Ronghao is also an independent tutor , Even if the students opposite are like Zhou Shen , But he still doesn't give a chance , All in all , How to choose a mentor , It's the tutor's own power , We can't change , Only hope that , Under the guidance of Tutor LI Keqin, I can , Go out of your own music road .

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