Zhang Xuesong, who loves Yu Yuexian to the bone, has her account content and has her in all the film and television dramas

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zhang xuesong loves yu yuexian

Through the notification of the local police, we can know ,8 month 9 At more than three o'clock in the morning , Yu Yuexian went to Alxa to work with three staff members . The driver was driving too fast on the way , Hit a camel on the road , Finally, Yu Yuexian died , The driver and two other passengers were injured .

According to the response of the police staff , They got the alarm in the morning , The incident happened on the road near a pasture in Alxa Right Banner , After the accident, all the injured were sent to Jinchang, Gansu Province for treatment .

Because the car accident happened near the ranch , Therefore, it is highly possible that the two camels are raised by local herdsmen , But the specific reasons are still being investigated and visited according to the procedures .

When the bad news comes , The police informed the family members at the first time , Yu Yuexian's brothers and sisters rushed to the scene , Husband Zhang Xuesong also rushed to see his wife for the last time .

According to the media interview, Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's brother, knows , After Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , The whole family didn't dare to tell their mother , But choose to hide . Because Yu's mother is 80 years old , Still living at Yu Yuexian's Beijing home , The news was too sudden , I'm afraid she can't bear to be too sad and her life is in danger .

therefore , The whole family kept it from her , She also thought Yu Yuexian was just going out to work . meanwhile , My brother also revealed , The whole family has rushed to Alashan , Ready to take my sister's body home .

Unexpected news , It broke the peace of the Yu Yuexian family , It also makes many relatives and friends feel sad .

Relatives and friends of ivory Hill have sent messages to mourn , Zhang Ziyi, who used to cooperate 、 Wu Tong 、 Xinzhilei , Sun Qian , Jiang Chao and other friends in the circle , It also means not giving up and missing .

Former work unit , Don't forget to send an obituary and miss this dedicated and professional actor . Netizens are reluctant to accompany their aunt Bigfoot , A word of “ Only Wang Yun is left in Dajiao supermarket ”, Break the defense in an instant .

“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan , Yu Yuexian went to another parallel space-time to find Wang Changgui . It's just , In reality “ Wang Changgui ”―― Zhang Xuesong , But it hurts so much .

This man , But the people who love Yu Yuexian to their bones .

Looking through Zhang Xuesong's social account, you can find , He only focused on one person , This person is Yu Yuexian .

A total of... Are published in the account 13 Article content , But every item is about his wife Yu Yuexian . There's a video of her dancing , There's a video of her cooking , All kinds of life are recorded by him .

Just looking at the content of this social account, you can also find , In Zhang Xuesong's eyes and life are inseparable from Yu Yuexian , As if she were the only one in life , And with her, it's like having the world .

The picture of love once , Every bit of life , Now it looks moving .

Look through his account on the short video platform , It is not difficult to find Yu Yuexian's figure .

Release hundreds of videos , Almost every one is a wife , About her life , About her filming , About her singing and dancing . No duplicate video , But what remains unchanged is Yu Yuexian's face .

Such words can always be seen in Zhang Xuesong's words .

“ Go to the hall , The kitchen .”

“ A good hand inside and outside .”

“ Beautiful , good-looking .”

“ My wife has worked hard .”

“ Everything will happen. , So capable .”

Words are few , But they are all praising Yu Yuexian , Doting overflows the screen . This is how much you love someone , In order to make her social account full of her ?

However , This is only part of Zhang Xuesong's beloved wife , Looking at the works he once directed, we can find his deep feelings .

Although Zhang Xuesong graduated from the Central Academy of drama , But he has done very few scenes over the years , Then he tried to be a director . He directed 《 A man will marry at forty 》、《 Happily, Tianpeng spread 》, And co directed with Yu Yuexian 《 My colorless world of youth in the sun 》 Wait for the TV series .

You can see from the cast of these film and television dramas , Yu Yuexian has acted or starred .

in other words , Zhang Xuesong's social account is full of Yu Yuexian , She's also in all the movies and TV dramas .

so , How much Zhang Xuesong loves Yu Yuexian , This feeling is enviable . What is more enviable and admirable is , Zhang Xuesong's perseverance .

When Yu Yuexian was alive , I have publicly thanked my husband Zhang Xuesong for many times , The reason is that Zhang Xuesong has never stopped supporting her tolerance and understanding over the years .

according to the understanding of , Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong are classmates in College , One is a male monitor , One is a female monitor , Over time, feelings arise . Experienced long-distance love after graduation , Also experienced eating instant noodles in the basement , But neither of them separated because of the hardship of life .

Because Yuexian's brother is suffering from a strange disease and can't stand like a normal person , Can only tilt the body, leading to organ failure and dyspnea , Waiting for the family to get money to help , Zhang Xuesong did not choose to escape , Instead, he chose to take out his savings to help his brother-in-law .

meanwhile , He also supported Yu Yuexian to treat his brother with the money he earned , Even if you can't have the time and energy to have children because of perennial rush and fatigue , He also has no regrets , He also discussed with Yu Yuexian to raise his brother-in-law as a son .

Give up your little home , But to help my father-in-law and mother-in-law's house , Not everyone can have this love , But Zhang Xuesong just accompanied Yu Yuexian through the hard days , Cure my brother's illness together , Pull the home of father-in-law and mother-in-law back from the edge of poverty .

Because of this love , Yu Yuexian thanked him more . Although at work , Yu Yuexian is more famous than Zhang Xuesong , But it is undeniable that Zhang Xuesong is Yu Yuexian's strong backing , Is her spiritual pillar when she is frustrated .

Yu Yuexian, who graduated from the Central Academy of drama not long ago , Watching his classmates and alumni get angry one by one , I'm standing still , Can't stop worrying . He has also been angry with Zhang Xuesong many times , I couldn't help scolding him for being useless .

Hearing this, Zhang Xuesong is certainly sad , But I didn't leave her, but always accompanied her to find a job , Until Zhao Benshan found her to play Xie Dajiao and became popular all over the country .

This company , It is very important for Yu Yuexian in the low period , Zhang Xuesong is her “ The savior ”. It's just , This love from campus to wedding dress , This company 29 Love in , Finally, we didn't grow old together .

The left Zhang Xuesong should not only hide from his elderly mother-in-law , And deal with the aftermath calmly , And heal the wound alone . This man , Too much .

When I was young, I gave up childbearing to save my brother-in-law , Choose to run around , Then he became a wife for his career “ nanny ”, Now we can finally do what we like together , My wife is gone .

Zhang Xuesong, who loves Yu Yuexian to the bone, is distressing , I wish for the rest of my life , Please be kind to yourself .

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