Central video also engages in VIP charging members. Where is the sword pointing?

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central video engages vip charging

Does CCTV want to join the online video platform competing for content ? CCTV participated in the production of large-scale TV dramas , Will the CCTV video be broadcast alone in the future ?

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Since the opening of the Olympic Games, Chinese athletes have made great achievements , The enthusiasm of the domestic audience seems to be much higher than that of the previous two sessions . Open microblog hot search , Almost every day is a series of topics related to Olympic athletes .

Whatever the reason is that the Japanese time zone is closer and the schedule is more in line with the audience's habits , Or the national mood is high , In short, the ratings of the Olympic Games are really hot . since 7 month 23 Since the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games ,CCTV-5 consecutive 10 It ranks the first in the star channel in terms of viewing share . According to the CSM National meter data ,7 month 29 Japan CCTV-5 The audience share reached 13.03%, gen 2005 The channel has the highest single day share since , And 2016 Compared with the average value of the Rio Olympic Games in the same period , During the Tokyo Olympics CCTV-5 The audience share increased by 20%.

As CCTV's own new media platform ,“ CCTV video ” Also after the opening of the Olympic Games, various data increased greatly .7 month 25 RIYANG video APP The cumulative number of downloads exceeded 3 100 million times , At one time, apple ranked first in the app store general list and entertainment list , By the end of 7 month 31 Japan , The total number of Olympic events watched by the central video client exceeds 15 100 million times , The number of video views in a single day has exceeded 3 Million people .

What's more, it's worth mentioning , On the eve of the Olympic Games, CCTV video launched its own paid service VIP Member services , The number of members exceeded one million in the opening week . But at the same time ,“ Central video charges ” It has also become the microblog of netizens 、 tieba 、 Make complaints about the topic of community Tucao . From an industry perspective , Central video VIP What are the exclusive rights and interests of member services ? Is the goal of central video charging to build the same video platform business model system as youaiteng ?


In the eyes of users

from “ It's delicious ” To “ stale ” It's only a step away

CCTV video APP Online at 2019 year 11 month , Location is “ China's first national 5G New media platform ”, be based on “5G+4K/8K+AI” And other new technologies , Short video is considered in the content composition 、 Long video 、 Live broadcast and other forms . Current central video APP It's a comparison “ complex ” Products , The main content section can be divided into five aspects :

One , Live on TV , Including CCTV CCTV Major channels 、 Beijing 、 jiangsu 、 hunan 、 Zhejiang 、 Major live TV channels, including Oriental and other local satellite TV, can watch videos on CCTV APP Watch in ; Two , Other live broadcast resources , Including a large number of CCTV 、 Live broadcast of satellite TV program account 、 Film and television rotation, etc , Also included during the epidemic last year 24 Hour Huoshen mountain construction live broadcast is known to the audience “ Slow broadcast ” etc. ; 3、 ... and , Film and television animation and other resources , Include 《 A decisive battle 》《 The age of awakening 》《 Hengshan hospital 》《 Doulo land 》《 Strong-arm reaction 》 Waiting for the new play 、 Classic old plays, etc ; Four , Other users upload videos ,PGC User based registration “ Central video Number ” Release , Such as “ Guo Jierui ” They will release videos on the central video ; 5、 ... and , Yangyou circle , A topic similar to microblog 、 Know the social function of the circle , Individual users can participate in topic discussions in interested circles .

stay VIP Before charging service , Central video is a word of mouth among the user group “ Artifact ”: No advertising , You don't need to log in 、 high definition 、 CCTV's live broadcast resources and a large number of classic film and television dramas are wiped out .

But in VIP After the business goes online , Central video immediately “ It's not that sweet ”―― Most of the live broadcasts of the Olympic Games are VIP Member specific content ;CCTV8、CCTV6 Two TV dramas 、 The live broadcast of popular TV stations in the film field has also become a hot topic VIP Member specific content ; In terms of TV series , New drama such as 《 A decisive battle 》《 Hengshan hospital 》《 Doulo land 》, Classic drama such as 《 List of reed {langya} 》《 previous 》《 Emperor Hanwu 》 Is full of VIP Exclusive content .

Price , CCTV video 178 Yuan a year 、30 Yuan a month is really not cheap , The annual fee is roughly the same as that of youaiten , but 30 The monthly cost is nearly twice as high as that of youaiteng . After entering the commercial market of paying members , In addition to the short-term Olympic Games “ Large attractive payers ” Outside , The awesome video content of the central video is obviously not enough ――

Film and drama comprehensive and other conventional content reserves , Most of the CCTV video content comes from CCTV 、 Purchase and broadcast copyright content , And this part of copyright content is almost all in iqiyi 、 Tencent video 、 youku 、 Mango. TV Several major video platforms have broadcast channels . Ruyang video VIP Content 2021 In the new play broadcast in ,《 A decisive battle 》《 Hengshan hospital 》《 Dream chasing blue sky 》 They are broadcast on several platforms of aiyouteng ,《 Mom is waiting for you 》 In mango TV Broadcast ,《 Emergency pr 》《 Doulo land 》 Youku 、 Projects produced by Tencent video , And in quantity , CCTV video 2021 The total number of member plays in is only 9 Ministry .

In terms of film, the content of central video is even more stretched at present ,VIP Which is the most popular in the content library 《 Charlotte's troubles 》《 Chase the dragon 》《 good prevails over evil 》《 The world of animals 》 etc. 2018 Movies before ,2021 There was no new cinema film in , The content of online movies is blank .

30 element / Video of the month VIP, The central video members at this price can be justified during the Olympic Games , After all, it's equivalent to sports live members + Film and television content member , But look at the market , Migu video is also vigorously promoting the live broadcast of the Olympic Games , In contrast, it's free to watch ,VIP Users enjoy high definition ; And wait until after the Olympic Games , The cost performance of member services will return to the competition of regular content such as film and drama synthesis , And the central video can't come up with it “ Exclusive content ” To compete for user traffic .

From this point of view , It is difficult for central video to expand the scale of paying users with its current content reserves . For video platforms , The solution to improve the scale of payment is to improve the cost performance of members , Provide more quality exclusive content , So here comes the question , Does CCTV want to join the online video platform competing for content ? CCTV participated in the production of large-scale TV dramas , Will the CCTV video be broadcast alone in the future ?

To answer this question , Reading entertainment gentleman thinks it is necessary to analyze “ CCTV video ” What is your goal .


In the era of media convergence

Making a big central video is “ I have to do it for you ” The direction of

stay 2019 year 11 When it comes online in the month , Central video gives users the feeling that it will CCTV Live broadcast resources of TV stations such as and satellite TV have been moved to the mobile terminal . Content other than TV stations , Tiktok's goal is actually closer to the fast hand shaking of Kwai. B Station and other short and medium video platforms , Instead of youaiten and other video platforms based on paid membership . Creator settled “ Central video Number ” It is an important plate in the early stage , As early as 2019 year 9 month , The central video officially released the creator recruitment plan to the whole society , Invite the creator to join CCTV frequency number , make “ Account forest ”.

According to the people's post and Telecommunications News at that time , CCTV launched “ CCTV video ” The original intention of the client , In order to change the ownership of the former central third station “ One end of the two micro enterprises ”“ Every village fires 、 Household smoke ” The status quo of . And in simpler words , CCTV is facing the strength of local satellite TV in the competition of TV stations , TV media also lags behind network media in the competition of media channels , Nowadays, network video is the largest traffic pool in the era of mobile Internet , Governments 、 Mainstream media are Kwai Fu. 、 Tiktok 、 Microblogging and other platforms have opened accounts , Central video wants to create a platform for mainstream media communication “ Own platform ”.

Professor Song Jianwu is here 2019 year 1 month 《 Historical orientation and path of county financial media center 》 I have said so in my speech :“ at present , We go from top to bottom , We have realized the lack of platform in mainstream media . It can be said that there is no independent and controllable platform for mainstream media , There is no mainstream media . We lost the platform , You lose your voice , Lost the function of mainstream media as the most authoritative information hub in the local area . No platform , We can't realize it , Facing the decline of various business operations , Including user churn ; No platform , We can't integrate other people's content , Instead, our content is cashed out by others . Can our mainstream media still guide public opinion ?”

So , Launch of CCTV video , It's actually “ Media convergence ” Inevitable move under the development trend .

But from the launch to now , Objectively speaking, CCTV video failed to become a leader in the field of short video “ Mainstream platforms ” The idea of . Although at the beginning of CCTV's launch , A Zen monk 、 Plum seven 、 Guo Jerry and other famous short video celebrities have settled in the central video , But central video as “ Video aggregation platform ” The flow scale effect has not been formed , Users are not formed “ To the central video brush short video ” The mind of . These short video celebrities upload videos on multiple platforms at the same time , Its central video data is probably the lowest ―― Li Ziqi's central video number is currently 4.7 Thousands of fans , The latest video playback volume is only 5000 many times ; Guo Jierui 1.2 Thousands of fans , The latest video playback volume is 2300 many times . And on microblog 、B standing 、 Watermelon and other platforms , These numbers have to be doubled hundreds of times 、 Thousand times or even ten thousand times .

This state is not difficult to predict ―― Tiktok 、 Kwai Fu uses short videos to sweep large volumes of traffic. , I don't know how many “ Short video platform ” Catch up and invest a lot of capital , Although CCTV has the advantages of mainstream media , But I want to build one “ Own mainstream platform ”, From the conventional point of view of the market, it is also difficult to ascend the sky .

If we say that the medium and short video playing method based on the content uploaded by users is difficult to win the market voice , So in the field of film and television integration , CCTV still has its own advantages ―― In fact, the popular film and television dramas every year 、 In the documentary , A large number are produced by CCTV , But in the past, these contents were simply distributed to the online video platform as copyrighted content .

If CCTV has the courage to increase investment in CCTV video in the future , Broadcast the content produced by CCTV on the platform alone , There are not all opportunities on this track , This is actually the same as Hunan Satellite TV TV Our original intention and line are consistent ―― The latter persisted for many years at the beginning of its establishment “ Unicast ” Strategy , A large number of TV station resources are supplied to mango at low cost TV This network media platform , Successfully cultivate the latter into a new force that can feed satellite TV on the content side .

But for CCTV video , One more “ Time and place ” The problem of . Mango. TV On-line 2014 In, it was also the initial stage of commercialization of domestic video platform , The focus of the entire media market has not completely shifted to the network , In fact, the main source of comprehensive content of movies and dramas on the network video platform is still the copyright dramas that have been purchased by major TV stations , This greatly reduced the early performance of Hunan Satellite TV in mango TV Cost of adopting unicast strategy , Make mango TV Can quickly accumulate initial users . But in 2021 year , The copyright income distributed to the four major video platforms has become an important source of cost recovery for CCTV's big dramas , Cost pressure of self built platform relying on independent broadcast content , It is different from five or six years ago .

So in reading entertainment Jun's opinion , CCTV video launched paid membership business on the eve of the Olympic Games , It can be regarded as an opportunity to build momentum 、 A good opportunity to improve user penetration . But after the Olympics , The member business trend of central video is to support the scene “ Shelves ”, Or really competitive products , It depends on CCTV's high-quality content “ Whereabouts ” The choice on .


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