Donnie Yen can't watch anymore. Now the actors are too delicate to compare with him when he was young

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donnie yen watch anymore. anymore

Donnie Yen can't watch anymore , Now the actors are too delicate , He can't compare with when he was young

Yen gave an interview to talk about the current situation of young actors , Said that the current conditions are too good , He also lamented the hardships of making his own works in those years , Make complaints about young actors overbearing 、 Too delicate ?

He pointed out that , Now artists have a considerate team behind them , Everything is arranged properly , Just be responsible for Meimei's appearance , Don't worry about anything else .

Speaking of this, he sighed about his situation when he was filming , The conditions were very poor at that time , Had a very hard time , It's hard to go to the bathroom , There is no bathroom in that environment , There's no way but Go to the mountain next door and dig a hole by yourself , To go to the toilet .

When we saw the interview, we also lamented yen's dedication , And deeply realized , The strength of the older generation of actors is very admirable , Under such conditions , You can also shoot so many excellent works , And many of them are classics , It's really great . Compared with today's young actors, they are really heaven and earth .

Some netizens said that , It's all normal , After all, the times are different , People's mentality is also different , And now the conditions of all aspects of society are optimizing , These are inevitable . And now the atmosphere of the film and television industry is very different from that in the past , It used to be true to rely on strength , Now it's Whoever uses the fire , It doesn't depend on the overall quality of the actors .

Speaking of yen , I believe everyone has a deep memory of his Wing Chun Boxing , In his time , In order to take a good shot , How much sacrifice is worth . Everything is for the work , Therefore, he also made many excellent and classic works , such as 《 Two men of Huang Feihong should be self-improvement 》、《 War Wolf Legend 》、《 Leaf asked 》 wait , Which one is enough for yen to blow for a while .

Of course, behind excellent works is sacrifice , After all, it's an action movie , Play a lot , Donnie Yen suffered a lot of injuries during the shooting .

Even so, he still insists that the trick is finished and in the most perfect state . Only he knows the hard work behind it .

And now young actors , If you are injured, you have to take a long leave to delay the shooting , Even the minimum requirements of actors ―― acting , Few people can pass .

The whole work depends on its own flow , So even if fans pay , But not for long , And none of the pictures can be played , Finally mixed for many years , Popularity has also disappeared , I don't have any representative works .

This phenomenon is not an example , It's the norm in the entertainment industry now , Actors get sky high pay , But there are many examples of cheap works , Back then, the older generation could work hard for a lens , Now, maybe because it would be too hard for the actors to complete the scene, they may cancel the shooting directly .

Some of the questions Yen said in this interview , It is precisely what needs to be rectified now , This state is like a vicious circle .

Now the conditions are good , But you can't give less , Higher returns and attention are really attractive , But this is not the standard to measure an actor , Do actors think that the ultimate test of qualified actors must be acting . And acting is also an important factor affecting the quality of a work , So as an actor , Acting is the least , Giving is also necessary .

And the actor industry , It's not so easy to mix , If you don't have good works , It's just a heat 、 Empty shells piled up by popularity , Without a soul , An empty shell without a soul can't go far , When the heat dissipates , There's nothing left , Gradually it will be forgotten in the corner .

Mentioned in yen's interview , It is not only the emotion of the industry, but also the vigilance of some young actors now , Comfort can make people very happy , But the sky high price paid , Do you really deserve it ?

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