In the studio, Zhao Liying, 33, dressed up as a schoolsister in her school uniform. Her pure temperament is nothing like her child's mother

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studio zhao liying dressed schoolsister

8 month 9 Japan , Actor Zhao Liying's personal studio account shared a group of Zhao Liying's latest school uniform photos .

In the picture 33 The - year-old actress Zhao Liying looks like in the classroom in her youth school uniform , Shawl long hair with a clean white shirt , once “ The girl at the table ” Your temperament came out , Plus the standard pleated skirt for female students in animation , Zhao Liying, who wears a complete set of school uniforms, has really become a vigorous and confident student sister of sunshine .

Maybe to cater to identity , Zhao Liying's face was only lightly covered with a layer of plain makeup , But her natural white skin made Zhao Liying hold the camera .

When she smiled, she sat so gently in the classroom , Put a book on your lap , You feel as if she is the greenest and purest memory in your memory , It's like in your dream at that time “ she ” It should be like this .

It is hard to imagine , Zhao Liying is already a divorced child's mother , This skin state and look , Say she 18 Someone will really believe .

Look at the copy in the studio , Zhao Liying's shape , It should be playing a role called Wu Tianjing , This role comes from singer Zhang Jie's new song MV.

Zhang Jie began to warm up his new album long ago , And album MV The leading role of , It's myself, Zhao Liying and actor Wei daxun .

The name of the story is 「 Worth better 」, It tells a story about youth , Zhang Jie plays Lin Yiheng , Wu Tianjing played by Zhao Liying , Xu Haoran played by Wei daxun , Three people are good friends , And the content of the story , Zhang Jie wanted to hold a concert when he graduated , Looking for the best story , Of course , The story doesn't escape the most common thing in the script “ You love her , He loves her , She loves you ” This strange plot .

Zhao Liying is a professional actress , In this video , Every move shows the quality of a professional actor , When I was a student, I was pure and clean , And ten years later, it will be mature and wise .

Remember her last play 《 Jadeite 》 When , Word of mouth and broadcasting effect are not very good , At that time, everyone complained a little , Said Zhao Liying was too old after giving birth to her child , In order to keep fit, I'm too thin , As a result, the effect on TV is not as good as before .

I thought Zhao Liying would be depressed for a while , I didn't expect to adjust my temperament and look so well in such a short time , I'm looking forward to her playing a youth drama with campus theme , The appearance of sister Zhao Liying , It's pleasant to think about it .

But one thing is very “ strange ”, While drying Zhao Liying's beautiful photos in the studio , The fans in the comment area not only didn't praise and praise Zhao Liying's beauty , Instead, they looked nervous one by one , The tone is no longer polite , All questioning the studio's inaction , It seems that someone is scolding Zhao Liying , The studio didn't see , Failed to maintain Zhao Liying in time .

But these words should not be said in private , In full view of the public, so tear your face , Zhao Liying's reputation is even worse ?

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