How fun! Liu Yan visited his friend's house and danced in the living room after he was full of wine and food

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fun liu yan visited friend

8 month 22 Japan , Liu Yan posted a video on his personal Internet , And a caption “ Go to Yan Rujing's house for barbecue , She doesn't understand why she dances in her living room ”, From the video that Liu Yan aired and the accompanying text when he aired the video , This is Liu Yan after dinner with his best friend , Video of hot dancing with girlfriends in their living room , however , From the content of netizens' comments in the comment area , The focus of netizens is not on the message .

From Liu Yan's clothes matching in the video , It turns out that Liu Yan in life is really a very conservative female star , Liu Yan is wearing a black printed short sleeve , With a pair of Vintage Jeans , Whether it's short sleeves or jeans , Are exceptionally loose , Failed to show Liu Yan's body advantage , I can see you , Liu Yan doesn't like to show his figure very much .

A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ The Yellow haired shot ”, Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Behind is Yan Rujing , Ha ha ha , God, then ”, Even a netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Don't feel inferior to your sister in the back ”, I can see you , Most netizens focus on Liu Yan's best friend , It seems that Liu Yan was robbed of the camera this time .

From Liu Yan's position in the video when he was dancing in his best friend's living room , Liu Yan stands C On a , Why did Liu Yan get photographed by his girlfriends , Personally, I think , Or because Liu Yan is too formal , Compared with the dancing posture of these three people , Liu Yan's dance is the best , And the most professional , The dance of the two people behind him seemed a little funny , The discordant dance is naturally easy to attract everyone's attention .

however , Some netizens also focus on Liu Yan , A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ How can you keep such a good figure ”, Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ Do these pants look good ”, Although some netizens focus on Liu Yan , But what Liu Yan attracted netizens' attention was still his figure and clothes , No one cares about Liu Yan's dance .

The video of Liu Yan having dinner with his best friend was exposed , Hot dancing in the living room of my best friend's house is hot , Although Liu Yan was photographed by his best friend , But it's still interesting , I think , This atmosphere is very good , Having dinner with friends after work , After drinking and eating, play some projects that everyone likes , This should be the right way to open life , What do you think? ?

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