Yang Yang's "Su" is out of the circle this time

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yang yang su circle time

Thank goodness , Domestic love finally rolled in this summer .

Against the big IP The name of big casda production ,《 You are my glory 》 Fire before sowing ; One broadcast , Add fire to fire .

Say it's Yankong paradise ,bg The light , Honey cans for countless sugar lovers ……

really ! no ! Exaggerate ! Zhang !

Aerospace designer Yu Tu's love with top female star Qiao Jingjing , So sweet that I can't help smiling when I think of some bridge sections .

For example, the reunion of two people after ten years away , A word of “ Long time no see ”, Let my girl heart explode into fireworks .

Another example is that Yu Tu takes out the strength to do scientific research and teaches Qiao Jingjing to play games . Reality and memory are intertwined , The dream of adolescence and the ambiguous collision of the adult world , Every eye touch makes people blush and heartbeat .

There are many similar sugars in the play , But no industrial saccharin �J, But sweet and true 、 moving , It makes people particularly sympathetic .

This is largely due to the design of Tu's role ―― He not only gives love a dreamy color , It also plays an important role in connecting the plot with reality .

therefore , His Sue It's not floating on the surface , But like an onion, it's worth peeling off , Look deeper , The more straight it is .

The career of aerospace designer is very rare in domestic dramas . With a face like Yang Yang , Even fewer .

therefore , Yu Tu's su , The first is High intelligence quotient + good-looking buff

On brain movement , Will design rockets at , I can solve math problems next 、 Play the game ; On hands-on , The General Assembly will repair the purifier 、 Projector , I'll buy breakfast ―― I don't know what I like to eat ? Then buy it all !

Although I once recognized the rabbit flower coffee made by Qiao Jingjing as “ Three parabola ”……

But people can write love letters and talk about love !

He picked up the childish problem ten years ago , Together into a sealed hand ( navigation ) Write ( God ) love ( hundred ) book ( Families, ).

Such visible and tangible romance , Especially touching .

Similarly, there is a visiting trip to the desert .

Other people's boyfriends visit to deliver food and drink , On the way, the patrol team sends network signals , Just because “ Lost contact for more than ten hours every day , It's too long ”.

In the wind and sand , His figure of installing signal intensifier alone has become a landscape , also man And sweet .

As a polytechnic man in the system , You think Yu Tu only looks at the stars and the sea , He's actually more down-to-earth than anyone ; You think he's too practical , He knows enough about romance .

In conclusion , It is pragmatism and romanticism that have achieved a magical fusion in him , He raised the standard of all-round boyfriend by himself .

really ・ The ideal of the world ・ It's a long way from getting married .

It is worth mentioning that , Under Yang Yang's interpretation , Yu Tu's temperament is fluid and changeable , The more you look, the more you look .

It's the first time , His temperament is very “ just ”, Plus the bonus of tall and straight body shape , It looks clean and tidy, with a slight alienation .

Work seriously , I'm also very sober in the face of feelings 、 By spectrum .

When my ex girlfriend Xia Qing looked back for him , He did not hesitate , Refuse decisively , Leave a little face for the other party on the premise of speaking clearly enough .

When you think he's like this “ Cold tune ” When people are , When people face the girl they really like , Immediately “ Warming ” 了 .

Not only silently complete the birthday gift promised by Jingjing before , And went all out to take the initiative again and again , Prove your love with action .

Such sincerity and courage , Who can refuse ?

Okay , When you think Yutu is an all-round and reliable warm man necessary for home travel , He , It has changed again !

Like to pull Jingjing into her arms “ Sit on your legs and hold ”, Both give gentle indulgence , And inadvertently expose their subtle possessiveness .

After getting married, I don't forget to put my wife on my lap , It's called “ ma'am ” Also very emotional …… Don't show, don't show , I really have enough dog food !

From the warm spring breeze , To the summer frenzy “ Flirt ”, Then to the quiet, mature and seductive elegance like autumn ……

Every temperament on the way , Can accurately poke a girl's heart .

I really love the shape of this glasses !

It is no wonder that 《 glory 》 It's been on the air for nearly a month , From midsummer to early autumn , Thousands of girls “ Lost in August ” The journey is far from over .

Yutu is charming .

But his charm is not limited to the excellence from the game God to Tsinghua Xueba , Or the dreamy feeling of high beauty bonus , Even the opposite , He just appeared in the first episode , Is confused and struggling .

His research project was blocked again , What follows is the dual pressure of career and life .

College students studying finance earn millions a year , Discuss the Fund 、 Red wine and high house prices ; And he , Hold “ quarter ” 's salary , I bought a house in the suburbs with a loan , Take the subway to and from work , If you miss the subway, you have to change several buses to go home .

Of course , He doesn't care about material life , It's not uncommon to compare with others .

Really beat him , My parents came to Shanghai to see a doctor , To save money , To live in 80 In a small hotel for a day , While nervous about the inspection results, he was afraid to tell him for fear of affecting his work .

In the dark corridor , Yu Tu's heart sank a little .

As an adult , He can bear the result of his choice , But I can't bear to let my elderly parents suffer together . If something really happens to your parents , Can he be with you , Can you provide the best medical treatment ? He dare not think .

“ genius ” The label was a halo on the head when I was a student , In the adult world, it becomes a stone at your feet , Caught him off guard and tripped .

This makes Yu Tu deeply love his aerospace career 、 Question your past and future , Even lament yourself “ At thirty , Nothing can be done ”.

It is this swing and struggle between ideal and reality , Breaking the aura of Yu Tu , Uncover the true background of his mysterious life , Resonate with the audience .

It also makes Yu Tu more complicated 、 Three-dimensional 、 Fresh and alive 、 full , Like a man with flesh and blood , Not a perfect male god .

what's more , With this layer of vulnerability and fatigue , After the journey, the choice of adhering to the aerospace industry appears so strong and persistent .

He saw the sixpence under his feet , But resolutely raised his head , Keep staring at the moon ―― It's higher than far away 、 Don't eat fireworks , More twists and turns and more moving .

The journey in love is very charming , But I have to admit that , The most dazzling way to immerse yourself in the aerospace industry .

In the work , He always shows his unique Charisma .

such as , Focus and sense of mission .

Participated in the development of JX There is a problem with the satellite operation , He rushed back to the control center immediately after receiving the emergency telegram .

On the way , While the brain is running fast, analyze possible situations , While preparing relevant materials . After arrival , Not a word of nonsense , Enter the working state at the speed of seconds , Until the final result .

As a star of the aerospace industry system “ screws ”, The spirit embodied in Yu Tu , At a young age, it's professional 、 rigorous , Generally speaking, astronauts are not afraid of difficulties and dangers 、 Don't regret fighting , The mission and boldness of marching towards the sea of stars .

The establishment of an idealist walking on thorns , Let Yu Tu's Suda to the extreme .

Before officially joining the group , Yang Yang specially went to Shanghai eighth Academy of Astronautics to experience life .

There? , He saw the Mars rover 、 The monitoring station when the rocket is launched , We also observed the unique temperament of some real Aerospace designers , For example, extraordinary preciseness 、 Serious and persistent for details .

These are all integrated into his performance .

One side , It is embodied in Tu with some small details Pyrotechnic gas .

such as , Institute of male “ Old cadres ” The board is , Straight back from sitting 、 The briefcase in hand 、 Put your cell phone in your pocket and other small actions , You can see .

Another particularly interesting detail :

When you eat a box lunch with me , He picked up his chopsticks and poked them in his leg , Then bite your teeth and tear off the package , Start eating big .

This series of small movements of grounding gas , No, it's me who eats takeout ?!

On the other hand , Yang Yang is conveying mood It is restrained and introverted , But when some people 、 Some things break through the line of reason in the way , Make him crack a crack in the iceberg , Showing uncontrollable emotions , It seems particularly real and heart piercing ―― These moments , I can clearly feel the progress of Yang Yang's acting skills .

such as , When my parents came to Shanghai to see a doctor , What tormented him most was “ I can ”, The regret and fear in his eyes when talking about it .

such as , Face Jingjing's confession again , He endured heartache and refused , He said firmly “ You belong to the dazzling world ”, But my eyes are full of reluctance .

One of the eyes that moved me most in the whole play , To count the finale “ SouFun ” Successful launch , Yu Tu picks up his cell phone and calls Jingjing , Talking and looking up at the sky .

He looked the same , But his eyes are getting red , Tears and stars shine together :

“ today , I can really see more stars .”

That moment , Adults responded firmly to the youth's sincerity , A dream about the stars and the sea materialized in his eyes , People can't help but have empathy and wet their eyes .

I have seen many works of Yang Yang in recent years , There are big screens and small screens .

Yutu is the one that makes me curious and curious about him .

Follow the people who eat melons &“ Lost girl ” An archaeological discovery , He is not at all the cool and quiet beautiful man in his impression , But a young man who is sometimes funny, sometimes cute and sometimes hot-blooded , Sometimes the grounding gas is just like Xiao Yang in the next class .

Feel the ――

Of Hongze Lake “ Mighty 、 strong 、 Powerful ”:

The sureness of stepping into the school gate :

The joy of ending work :

( It's me. That's right )

And the uncontrollable blood when watching competitive sports :

understand , We all know !

Such an interesting and real side , Instead, it contrasts with Junlang's appearance The contrast is lovely , Let me get To his charisma .

In a word : Yang Yang , Promise me , Please don't set it to be visible for half a year , Will you continue to be our happy fountain ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

Of course , As the audience , I care more about Yang Yang's works and performances .

I can see you , The roles he has taken over in recent years are also in contrast , Behind it should be a heart seeking breakthrough .

《 Full-time Master 》 Ye Xiu in , It is the great God of E-sports in the second dimensional world , But this great God , He is a hot-blooded elder who plans strategies , Also encounter failure 、 The despondent big brother who is facing a dilemma .

Yang Yang removed the male god who was always tight when interpreting , And let the characters relax as much as possible 、 down-to-earth , There is also a little bit of exaggeration and loveliness of the second dimension .

Final , This edition of Ye Xiu received more praise than expected , The original powder also accepted well .

The movie 《 Daring vanguard 》 in , He showed off his good skills again .

As a military security officer , Play is indispensable , Dance skills and hard-working temperament come in handy .

Close combat was fought cleanly , Boxing to meat .

In the works to be broadcast , Several of them have been included in the must see list list――

Martial arts drama 《 And try the world 》, Play Junya, young Xia ;《 Special war glory 》 It's a little “ Prickly ” Armed police special forces .

The two roles of light , Has taken on a completely different look .

After continuous growth and accumulation , Yang Yang walks steadily on the road of actors , The more you walk, the more open you are .

Appearance is naturally his bonus , But really convince the audience 、 Capture the audience's heart , Always a work .

Yu Tu is the best proof .

I'm looking forward to Yang Yang keeping his true colors in life , Change more temperament and state in the works , Keep talking with your character .

because ――

As an actor , The charm of the character is the biggest Su point .

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