Expectations of 57.7 million fans! Korean media: blacklink Lisa will debut solo

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expectations million fans korean media

With a strong global fan base BLACKPINK member Lisa It's finally done Solo Preparation for debut .

According to south Korean media :YG Entertainment company 23 Said Monday ,Lisa Will become a successor Jennie、Rose after , Third Solo Budding members .

In the formal Solo Before I came out ,YG Entertainment through official Blog It's public Lisa Solo The one who came out “Coming Soon Poster” posters . Han entertainment circle didn't know , In the poster is Lisa A vague figure .

In public posters , Contains a big “LISA” word , and Lisa I have blond hair 、 In a red dress , Although the vague characters can't be seen clearly Lisa Face , But you can still see Lisa Unique strong charm . Han entertainment circle didn't know , In pictorial Lisa The character shake processing further improves the dreaminess and speed of the poster .

Lisa My personal album was carried out in strict confidentiality , so far , Only came out MV The news of shooting completion , But the details are still a mystery .

YG It was made public before BLACKPINK Of members SOLO project ,Lisa Is the Jennie、Rose after , Third SOLO The one who came out BLACKPINK member . Before that, use SOLO The one who came out Jennie and Rose Have achieved brilliant results , So we have 5770 Wan Qiang's big fan base Lisa This time SOLO The activity has attracted more attention .

On the other hand , Han entertainment circle didn't know , Born in 1997 Year of Lisa, since 2016 In the past years BLACKPINK Since their debut , With outstanding dance and rap power 、 Cute and beautiful like a doll 、 And a figure comparable to Barbie , Won the love of fans all over the world . Han entertainment circle didn't know ,Lisa Is to have Instagram Most fans K-POP artist ( exceed 5770 Thousands of fans ), personal YouTube The number of fans on the channel has also exceeded 801 ten thousand people .

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