Senior domestic actors died of sudden myocardial infarction when filming, and the crew sent a document to disclose their death four months later

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senior domestic actors died sudden

8 month 22 Japan , TV play 《 Come by chance 》 Send a document to mourn actor Wang Congyi , It is reported that this year 4 month 18 Japan , During the filming of the TV series , Mr. Wang Congyi had a sudden myocardial infarction , No cure , In a hurry . Follow Mr. Wang's last request and the wishes of his family , Keep a low profile and keep it simple . In every day that can be mourned later , Producer 、 The cast 、 Friends and family , Will mourn together in different forms .

After the news of Wang Congyi's death was made public , Many fans of the play mourned :“ It's so sad , I can't believe … Go all the way ”、“ All the way walk good , Memory ”、“ Oh, my God ! I can't believe ”.

TV play 《 Come by chance 》 Is the TV series 《 In the sun 》 The main creator is a TV play that the original team cooperates again , Wang Congyi appeared in both plays , however 《 Come by chance 》 When the sun shines a green photo , At that time, there was a shortage of actor Wang Congyi , Many viewers are still very strange , The original team agreed , Finally, one is missing . The crew released the news of Wang Congyi's death , It dawned on everyone .

Wang Congyi is 《 In the sun 》 The play plays “ Old oil gun ” In the corner of , And be known to the audience .

Wang Congyi is 《 In the sun 》 There are a lot of scenes in , The audience heard the news of his death , Very heartbroken , As for why the crew 4 The news of his death was not released until months later , Actually, it's because the family asked , Finally, he dealt with the matter in a low-key way , According to Wang Congyi's last wish , I didn't bother you .

Wang Congyi's last microblog , It's also a TV series 《 In the sun 》.

In fact, Wang Congyi has been acting for more than ten years , He was in 《 Summer rush 》 As “ Fat brother ”,《 An unparalleled lie 》 Inside “ Erlong ”, On TV 《 Gao Shanqing 》 Play Gou sanpao .

Wang Congyi also appeared in movies 《 Iron Feixia 》《 Magic sound Valley 》《 Beauty head 》《 The Falcon pursued 》, TV play 《 Spark cloud Street 》 wait , He is a familiar veteran actor .

Wang Congyi also worked as a voice actor , Used to be a movie 《 Run away 》 dubbing .

Wang Congyi has been an actor for many years , Always very dedicated , Although he plays many supporting roles , But I have a good relationship with the leading actor and the director , Often interact on Weibo . Wang Congyi's professionalism was praised by netizens , Shooting 《 In the sun 》 When a blasting scene , Wang Congyi's clothes caught fire and insisted on waiting for the director to stop .

Wang Congyi has been filming for many years , Already married , He 2012 In, he took photos on microblog and announced his marriage . Wang Congyi relies on “ Old oil gun ” A corner is remembered by the audience , Follow up resources are also very good , Unfortunately, he died suddenly because of a heart attack , The family members also handled his affairs in a low-key manner according to their last wishes .

Thank Mr. Wang Congyi for leaving so many works for the audience , Many fans send messages to miss him . Mr. Wang Congyi died at his post , A lifetime of hard work , Wish him a good trip .

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