33 years ago, Stephen Chow cooperated with Donnie Yen for the first time. The lineup can not be copied, opening the road of two superstars

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years ago stephen chow cooperated

1988 year , Stephen Chow and yen , Are at the inflection point of their lives .

This year , Stephen Chow, who is also a children's program host on wireless TV , Began to play some small roles in TV dramas .

Young Stephen Chow got his predecessors Wanziliang Appreciate , Introduced to the boss of Universal Pictures , Famous actors Li Xiuxian .

Soon , Stephen Chow got an important opportunity , Starring in the police and bandit film made by Li Xiuxian 《 Thunderbolt pioneer 》.

There is no need to mention later things , Zhou Xingchi, the originally silent and nameless dragon suit actor , He won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in this film , Although it's not popular , But at least there are representative works .

From then on, Stephen Chow , Officially transformed into an actor , Just two years later, he became the most successful king of comedy in Hong Kong .

It's the same year , Donnie Yen, who just returned to Hong Kong from the United States , Officially signed wireless TV .

Before that , With the help of Bole yuan Heping, yen Zidan , I've been in some movies , But it hasn't really become popular .

For a breakthrough in transformation , Donnie Yen signed up for wireless TV , Every month, take 3000 Yuan salary TVB artist .

Stephen Chow and yen, who have become colleagues , Soon in a TV play 《 Uncrowned pioneer 》 There is cooperation in .

Wu Mengda also plays in this play , But they were all supporting actors in the play , Yen's impression of Stephen Chow at that time , I think he is “ Wu Chi ”, I know I've practiced kung fu , He often asks yen for Kung Fu during shooting .

Soon Stephen Chow won the best supporting actor award , There is also a place in the film industry , So the wireless TV station tailored a TV movie for him , Donnie Yen, who has good Kung Fu, was in... For the first time TVB Play the leading role , Wu Zhenyu plays the villain in the film .

Who would have thought , These little-known actors at that time , In the future, it will become the mainstay of Hong Kong Film Industry .

In this issue 「 Forgotten Hong Kong Films 」, Let's talk about this forgotten Hong Kong Police and bandit film ――

《 The nature of the Criminal Police 》

The Last Conflict

The story begins , It's a common routine in police and bandit films , Start with a police arrest .

Several criminals are walking on the streets of Hong Kong , Wait for buyers to trade , However, the police of the serious crime unit have already targeted the criminals .

The fourth uncle of the old criminal police who is responsible for leading the team to handle the case ( Liu Jiang Decoration ), He has served in the police force for many years , Rich experience in handling cases .

Although I still have a month to retire , But the fourth uncle still charged at the front line of handling the case , Lead a team to catch criminals .

With the fourth uncle, there is a police rookie Liu Dingjian ( Stephen Chow Decoration ), Call him... For convenience star Well .

A Xing is a fledgling rookie , And a gambling mother , Relying on his son, the criminal police have no fear , Often get into all kinds of trouble , Let a Xing help clean up the mess , A Xing has a headache .

On the day , Fourth uncle and a Xing lead the team together , A chase finally caught the criminal .

next , The fourth uncle received his informant's request for help , The informant gambled with the gangs in the billiards hall , As a result, the debt was hit ,

So I asked fourth uncle to help me out , Let the fourth uncle pretend to take him away , To avoid gangsters .

When the fourth uncle came to the billiards hall, he knew that the other party was in debt , The gangs don't give in , Fourth uncle can't force people to leave .

At this time , A Xing showed his trivial skills , He's a hidden billiard player .

When I saw this, I realized , A few years later, Stephen Chow shot 《 Descendants of the dragon 》 There was a foreshadowing !

With the help of a Xing , Fourth uncle smoothly took the informant , And the informant in return , Provide important information to fourth uncle , Tell him that the gang is planning to rob the shelter of the big circle gang of the gold bank .

Fourth uncle led the team again , He killed the robber , As a result, he was injured , Rest temporarily in the hospital .

Coincidentally , Fourth uncle also has a beautiful young daughter Eva( Chen Songling Decoration ), It's the nurse in the hospital .

Soon , An uninvited guest came airborne from the serious crime team where the fourth uncle is located , The other side is Interpol Dixon ( Donnie Yen Decoration ).

Dickson came to Hong Kong from the United States to supervise an international crime , On the bandits killed by fourth uncle and a Xing , Two fake passports were found , And these fake passports come from international criminal groups , Its secret base is in Hong Kong , So the police came to Interpol to help .

But fourth uncle is an old local gun , I hate foreign monks most , I think that a foreigner doesn't understand the situation in Hong Kong , Besides, I haven't retired yet , Such a big case should be left to your own full responsibility .

Therefore , Fourth uncle and a Xing are talking about the new arrival of Dickson , Naturally, I don't like it , And deliberately make it difficult for him .

But Dixon soon had a chance to show his strength .

A Xing is a new police officer , Plus the face is not fierce enough , So When interrogating criminals , Criminals don't take a Xing seriously .

Dixon happened to pass by , try fair means before resorting to force , Let the prisoner feel it directly , What is called a bully who can punch people into idiots , Frighten the offender and confess quickly .

A Xing witnessed this scene , Instantly adored Dixon , This makes the fourth uncle even more angry .

Fourth uncle in order to make things difficult for Dixon , Let him search the gambling stall guarded by the local gang alone , As a result, they clashed with the gangs .

The fourth uncle meant to defeat Dickson , But I didn't think , Twenty years later, Dixon will be “ Can play ten ” Man , It's easy to teach a few gangsters a lesson .

After the battle , The fourth uncle finally agreed that Dickson really has two skills , The two cleared their differences .

The two sides shook hands and made peace , The fourth uncle took the initiative to invite Dickson to dinner at home , Dixon saw his fourth uncle's daughter for the first time Eva, I fell in love at first sight , And according to the active style of foreigners , He soon took the initiative to express his favor for the girl .

but Eva Because his father was a policeman, he was often injured , So I'm very exclusive of Dickson's police career , It frustrated Dickson's pursuit of love .

meanwhile , The police launched an investigation into the fake passport case , Found the paper that produced fake passports , From a paper mill .

The three then disguised themselves as dock porters to investigate the buyers of paper , But I didn't expect that the boss behind the scenes of the paper mill was also trading at the wharf , It's the international criminal tonk ( Wu Zhenyu Decoration ), For convenience , Still call him Kunge Well .

The wily brother Kun just saw Dickson , They have doubts about their identity , Order his men to get rid of three people .

The three fought a fierce battle at the dock , How old is the fourth uncle , Gradually lost to , Fortunately, Dixon takes one as ten , Subdued the criminal .

But the criminal refused to tell the buyer behind the scenes , Dickson ventured into the printing office , Want to steal buyer information .

However, brother Kun was already on guard , Dixon fell into an ambush . Fortunately, fourth uncle and a Xing arrived , To make the other party dare not act rashly .

But Dixon suffers from no evidence , Facing the arrogant brother Kun , Can only do nothing .

When the case is at an impasse , A Xing's bad gambling mother actually helped a lot , Accidentally helped his son find a woman with a fake passport .

A Xing and Dickson followed this clue , I didn't expect it. , A woman was assassinated by a killer .

Dixon will do what he wants , Deliberately spread the news that the woman is not dead , Lead the killer again , To set an ambush .

Police follow suit , Follow the killer , Came to Kunge's printing factory .

Brother Kun saw the crime exposed , Fight with the police immediately .

Brother Kun is a cruel man , He just escaped from the police's encirclement and interception , As for his criminal group, it was finally disintegrated .

The case has come to an end for the time being , And the fourth uncle has come to the day of glorious retirement .

daughter Eva I think my father retired , I can no longer worry about his safety .

But the same routine of police and bandit films , When the character is ready to retire , Instead, the crisis will quietly approach .

The first day of the fourth uncle's rest , I got drunk with Dickson and a Xing the night before .

The next morning , Dixon and a Xing haven't woken up yet , The fourth uncle found that Dickson received a pager message , So he called back for Dickson , Unexpectedly, it was brother Kun who escaped .

Kunge asked Dickson out to negotiate , Here comes the outrageous plot , The fourth uncle really believed that brother Kun intended to negotiate and surrender himself .

Fourth uncle alone , Don't wear bulletproof vests or call for support , I went to make an appointment with brother Kun .

Brother Kun is really cheating , Directly shot and killed the fourth uncle , A Xing and Dixon were hit hard .

With grief and anger, Dixon wants to avenge fourth uncle , He convinced a Xing to help .

In order to investigate brother Kun's clues , As a result, violent cases were handled , Caused a lot of trouble , Lead to being complained , The boss ordered a Xing to stop , Let Dickson pack up and go back to America .

Dixon had no choice but to let go , However, when the airport is ready to board , But received an anonymous letter :

The letter said that a Xing fell into brother Kun's hand , Let Dixon save him alone .

Dixon comes to save a Xing immediately , I found that a Xing was knocked unconscious and hung on the roof , At this time, brother Kun appeared and shot at Dickson .

Dixon chased out , As a result, he was framed by brother Kun , The police who arrived at the scene mistakenly thought that Dickson had killed innocent passers-by .

This plot is even more illogical , Dixon, an Interpol , After witnessing brother Kun's murder , There's no reason to take the murder weapon left next to the body , Not to mention his skill , You can hang brother Kun with your bare hands , And this makes it clear that it is to create misunderstanding for the police who arrived at the scene .

Dickson was arrested by the police on suspicion of murder , But the female passer-by who was killed was the girlfriend of local gangster Dai Zhiwei . To avenge his girlfriend , Dai Zhiwei found a killer , Want to go to the detention center and kill Dixon .

But after all, Dixon has great skills , Not only knocked down the killer , Instead, he took the opportunity to escape from prison , Temporarily hiding in a Xing's house .

However, the fleeing Dixon was injured , But what's outrageous is , Mingming Dixon is wanted , A Xing went swaggering with Dickson Eva Go to the hospital as a nurse .

therefore , Brother Kun received the wind , Send a large team to the Malay Hospital , Want to kill Dixon and a Xing .

However, the wounded Dixon is still fighting , Sit in a wheelchair and cooperate with a Xing , Kill all the way , And escort Eva Escaped from the hospital .

The day after Dixon escaped , Found the gang leader Dai Zhiwei , Explain to him that he didn't kill at all , And they were all fooled by brother Kun , Dai Zhiwei agreed to stop , Let Dixon find brother Kun, even if it resolves the grievances .

After the investigation of Dickson and a Xing , Finally found the trace of brother Kun , And Dai Zhiwei also sent people to hunt down brother Kun .

However, brother Kun could escape under the siege of both sides , For revenge , And secretly took away Eva.

Dixon and a Xing to save people , Come to the nearby construction site , The ultimate duel with Dixon .

Cunning brother Kun misleads Dyson and a Xing with a dummy , Let two people in such a big construction site tired .

Fortunately, Dixon came up with a two-way plan , And pass Eva The sound of , Confirmed Kunge's real position ,

Final , Dixon and Kunge have a fierce battle , A Xing on one side plays an auxiliary role , Shoot brother Kun .

The film last , In a Xing and Eva And my colleagues in the police force , Dixon is on his way back to the United States .

And a Xing is also following Dixon in the process of handling the case , Has grown , When I see the gangster bullying my mother again , You can already scare off the other party from your prestige ……

This film is a TV film made by wireless TV station , It was mainly for the release of videotapes .

The film was made in 1988 year , At that time, the response was general , Just because the three stars in the film will become famous in the future , therefore TVB Reissue the film , And labeled : A rare classic cooperation among the three actors .

The slogan on the poster is very gimmicky : Stephen Chow is just beginning to show his strong nature , Wu Zhenyu shows his villain's charm , Donnie Yen shows the pride of the Criminal Police .

But in fact, Stephen Chow did not rely on 《 Heroes of the earth 》 stay TVB get a firm foothold , The overall performance style is not yet mature , Therefore, although this film is a double protagonist , But more performance is left to yen, who shows his skills and Kung Fu in the film .

Besides , The heroine in the film is Chen Songling , The director was once directed 《 Xinlongmen Inn 》、《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》 Li Huimin , The screenwriter is Hong Kong gold medal screenwriter Li Wenzhuo , Look at it now , The lineup of this film can be said to be quite strong .

the 《 The nature of the Criminal Police 》 The production is mediocre , After all, it's a TV movie , So the plot is more routine , The overall audio-visual style also tends to TVB The plot of a regular police bandit play .

It is worth mentioning that , Donnie Yen was filming one of the jumping scenes , Jumping off the sixth floor without a double , Cause the leg bone to break , It can be seen that the professionalism of the filmmakers in those years .

As far as the film itself is concerned , The film is basically a two-hour Mini TV series , The first half of the rhythm is a little slow , The narrative is chaotic , The main plot that really enters the investigation part is too slow , Characterization is more patterned , The villain tonk is almost a symbolic bad man .

in general , the 《 The nature of the Criminal Police 》 It's a mediocre film , Even put it in TVB Police and bandit TV series , It's hard to call it a boutique . But this film just records the green time before the two superstars became famous , It's worth nostalgia for Hong Kong film fans !

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