Zhou Haimei, 54, is a rare commercial actress. She has the same style of cutting short hair, showing her teeth and smiling sweetly. She feels like a girl

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zhou haimei rare commercial actress.

8 month 23 Japan , Some netizens exposed Zhou Haimei's rare video of commercial performance fishing for gold on the social platform . She is tall and elegant , Still in great shape , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

In the video ,54 Zhou Haimei, aged, is wearing deep clothes V Printed dress , With her short hair cut, her style is still , It has the charm of the past . She sang gracefully on the stage with a microphone , After that, he grinned at the camera , The whole person feels very girly . Although over half a hundred years old , But Zhou Haimei's skin and state are very online , Nothing old .

Netizens watched Zhou Haimei's performance video , Leave messages and call the goddess , Praising Zhou Haimei is really beautiful . Others wonder who the boss is , How can you invite Zhou Haimei to show up .

Zhou Haimei plays 《 Justice does not look like 》 popular , Later on 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 》 As Zhou Zhiruo , Become a good memory for many viewers . She also starred in 《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》、《 Heaven and earth 》、《 The legend of wu mei niang 》 Wait for a classic play , She has been rated as the most popular actress in Hong Kong for many times . Even in the selection of Taiwan , She also won the most popular Hong Kong female artist .

Not long ago , Zhou Haimei shared her video of visiting the park on the social platform . She had long hair , Wearing a green shirt is fresh and natural , A red hair is lining the skin white . Her figure is a little round , But the skin is in excellent condition , Pretty and lovely expression , Temperament is more elegant and intellectual , Looks very young and energetic .

Zhou Haimei can still maintain such a good state at this age , It's really good maintenance . I look forward to her bringing more good-looking works in the future , Also wish her a happy life , Have a good harvest in career and love .

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