Super ridiculous comedy, wearing the most traditional clothes and doing the most taboo things

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super ridiculous comedy wearing traditional

There's everything this summer , draft , Talk show , All kinds of amazing melons ……

Only one is missing , music .

《 Lesha 》 absent , The epidemic is raging .

No band out of the circle this year , There is no explosion line on and off the scene .

Summer slipped away silently ?

Sir forbid .

Grab the tail , It's nice across the screen. They're hi

《 Funny women's band 》

We Are Lady Parts

Sir I almost missed it because of my name .

But posters :

Look at the age , Look at the skin color , More important, , Look at the clothes :

Five different ages 、 Muslim women in different circles , I want to play rock with a band .

The Muslim , Play rock and roll ?

Female ?

This extreme contrast , Give Way Sir There is some hesitation :

This is the design of accurately stepping on the pain points of the public , Is it too utilitarian ?

No .

douban 8.5, Rotten tomatoes 100%, Tell the public plainly :

This is not an abuse of political correctness , Exaggerate the reality of pain and struggle .

But in the name of laughter , A comedy sketch trying to break the prejudice .

Her triple veil ,Sir I'll expose you layer by layer .


What do you think of Muslim women ?

Wear a cap and a long shirt , Only a pair of big eyes are left all over the body ?

Must insist on worship , Only Muslim boyfriends ?

Usually early marriage and early childbirth , Everything is husband centered ?

In a way , All the .

But in fact .

They have another way to live .

The story takes place in London , The protagonist is punk rock band Lady Parts Several members of , As soon as he came out, he broke Sir Filter of .

Lead singer Sarah , Muslim girls .

smoking 、 Drink 、 tattoo , Make up , One does not fall .

Having a boyfriend , But never call each other “ Boyfriend ”.

Working in a butcher's shop during the day , When you chop meat, you can think , I'm inspired , Murderous .

Plus handsome short hair , Burst the magnetic sound line and say the same thing , The soul of toto .

One word , SA .

Drummer Asha , Further more .

One meter eight , Wear sunglasses 、 Nose rings 、 The whole pack of eyeliner is flying to the sky .

Except for the headscarf , It doesn't look like a Muslim ?

More important, , It's character .

A powder keg that will explode at any time .

Day , She drives Uber make a living .

Meet a cheap male passenger , Nonsense , Open the connector directly .

-“ Did your father force you to make money or something ?”

-“ Yes , He said if I didn't come out and drive , Pick up the simple minded drunk eunuch ”

“ He sent me back to Iraq to marry my cousin ”

Bassist bisma ,“ Early marriage ” Muslim women .

EH , It's more normal ?

ha-ha .

My cartoonist , My daily job is to sell my works on the street .

Passing aunts open it and have a look , Almost scared silly on the spot :

All kinds of dark 、 avant-garde 、 Anti Utopia .

Representative work :《 The murderous end of menstruation 》, It's about every menstrual period , Girls will turn into murderers .

-“ It's kind of like 《 The maid's story 》 add 《 Naughty little soldier 》 Right ?”

-“ This is disgusting ”

-“ sister , There's no reason to hate your body ”

“ Your menstrual blood is a friend .”

Can say this line , At first glance, they are not ordinary people .

Band manager montaz , It's a mystery woman .

She is “ Most Muslims ” The paragraph

A black robe , Between veils and headscarves , Only one pair of eyes showed from the .

That's all. , Enough to follow the tradition .

No .

Big sister wears headphones , Walking makes the wind , Still breathing under the mask ( No one knows where she sucked it ), It is said that he has been in prison , Ex husband or chief .

More fascinating , It's daily work .

Wearing the most traditional giribafu clothes ( namely Burka), But doing the most extraordinary thing :

To the women who come to the door , Selling sexy underwear .

Copywriting ,Sir Maybe give her three points .

So big London, England .

Can bring these talents together , The manager is not simple .

Need to know , The original intention of Muslims is “ Submissive ”, And rock , Nature stands for freedom , Resistance and intransigence .

Set up , Is to lift the first veil boldly :

“ The Muslim ” Three word filter , Break up .


Character setting has filled the conflict , Naturally, the story doesn't need to be too complicated :

In order to participate in “ A good voice ” Sea election , The band needs a guitarist .

The protagonist appears :

Amina , A good girl who can play the guitar .

My job has nothing to do with Muslims ,26 year , Doctor of Biology , A research dog who soaks in the laboratory every day .

More important labels :

There are many inner plays , social phobia , mother's womb solo26 year , A girl who hates to marry all day .

In London's first tier cities , And in the 26 This embarrassing age .

In her spare time , Not on a blind date , On the way to a blind date ( I'm not talking about you in front of the screen ).

The band needs guitarists , Amina can play guitar again .

This is not a pillow for sleeping .

But the problem is not that simple .

She's not like the people in these circles “ Deep fried dough sticks ”, Amina didn't dare to perform on stage .

In the eyes of most of her blind date , Playing music is taboo .

That she is still single 26 year , I'm embarrassed to speak when I can play guitar .

I always said I could teach guitar .

More difficult , It's her social fear , When it comes to public performances, I'm so nervous that I vomit .

How do you go to audition ? You can't wait for someone to talk , Throw up the judge first .

even to the extent that , The reason why she joined the band , Also have a bad intention .

Dream lover, bearded and handsome , It's the brother of the drummer Aisha in the band .

As long as she joins the band , Aisha asked her brother to go out with her .

Lust really doesn't distinguish between men and women .

How the story will develop ?

Sir Sell it first .

But I'm sure you can see .

These are labeled “ The Muslim ” Women of , In fact, it is essentially no different from ordinary women .

Also have their own career 、 love 、 Dream , Have their own bad temper and careful thinking .

Like the one they wrote 《 Fish and chips 》 equally : I can be anyone I want to be .

When you get up , The music is so loud .

Hi, big time , More dirty words 、 Yellow jokes fly all over the sky .

Conservative as Amina ?

The pink bubbles in the intracranial small theater are almost overflowing .

Gloomy temperament, like a Dementor's blind date , She would want to be the warlord of Mesopotamia .

Meet the lover of your dreams , I haven't said two words yet .

I've already made up a Muslim version 《 Casablanca 》.

When I go back in the evening, I silently aftertaste the process .

The heart rate of sending a message is comparable to 《 Clockwork orange 》.

Ha ha ha ha .

These bear “ The Muslim ” A famous girl , Have the same reckless life as us .

Common heart , This is the second veil of the play :

It's not so much the mass curiosity of Muslim women pursuing their musical dreams .

It's better to say , It is a hilarious journey for a group of ordinary girls to seek love and ideals .


Beyond the laughter , Good work , There should also be an implication .

In the women's band , The real enemy , It's not a secular law .

But living in a condom around you , Teach you to learn “ correct ” People who .

Amina living in an enlightened family , Often give yourself “ set a limit ”.

Can't sing , Get married quickly , Don't be laughed at .

Even if she is already a doctor of Biology , When you play the guitar, you look so handsome that you fly , She is still a gentle and cowardly flattering personality .

Even on a blind date , Will unconsciously go out to the scene of TV program recording .

I'm like a fish on a sticky board , Waiting for the audience to score .

Because she grew up to be a good friend , Is such a template :

Beauty 、 Well versed in the rules 、 Age to marry .

See the poster of love bean pasted in the cabinet , My best friend sincerely advised :

Which one do you think has self-esteem

God fearing Muslim men know

There's a white man in your closet , Still willing to marry you ?

Which Muslim girl .

Each of us is very familiar :

High marks on the exam , Get into a good school , Choose a major , Make a lot of money ……

Those other people's children , Those seemingly correct life principles ……

And those standard and stereotyped evaluation systems .

Strict regulations require a person to make the right choice at the right age , So you can have a right life .

but .

What is right ?

Amina in the play , Her life , Always in “ Conviction ” And “ correct ” The choice .

Before entering the band , She always chooses the latter .

Security , comfortable , harmless .

But , When she stood on the stage and played .

That kind of freedom and pleasure you've never experienced , Just really let her eat marrow and know taste , It is difficult to extricate themselves .

This is actually 《 Women's band 》 The real protagonist of :

Muslim rock girl's dream quest ,No.

People who look for ideals and get out of the set realize the true meaning of life ,Yes.

Such disenchantment expression , It is inseparable from the writer and director's in-depth understanding and careful arrangement of this group .

They happen to be the same person ―― Nida ・ Mansu .

Pakistani Muslim families grew up 、 An experienced person who lived in London after emigration .

She abandoned the bitter hatred of Muslim women portrayed from the traditional Western perspective .

In a light way , Write about the life of Muslim women in the West .

As she said :

I think Muslim women ―― Brown and black women , Often presented in a rather serious way .

They are often portrayed as oppressed and victims .

But my experience with my friends is happy 、 Funny or even stupid , I just really want to bring it in .

After watching it, the Muslim female audience was moved beyond words :

Yes, I am a Muslim woman , I'm definitely not going to do what girls do

But some girls did

This will not reduce their religious beliefs

It won't make you better than them “ real ” The Muslim

I like it , Because it shows many different types of Muslim girls

Some viewers even think , Compared to them , I'm the one “ The Muslim ”.

That sounds ridiculous .

But they're all talking about one thing :

religious 、 secular 、 Tradition , It should not have become a spiritual shackle that is difficult to break free .

Just like their purpose of making music , It's not a provocation of religious values , Compare the middle finger to the western world .

They fought , Under the pretext of religion , People who casually wipe their personality and characteristics .

And rock music , They fight the world “ Standardization ” The weapons .

When Amina managed to overcome stage vomiting , The band's first performance , At a cowboy bar .

There are all kinds of “ Old white man ”.

The stunned audience looked at them with stereotypes .

Several girls seem to be at the forefront , Waiting for the trial of the military court .

The music begins , Amina breathed nervously , The body is shaking .

The man who covered his mouth raised his consciousness ,Sir A tight heart , Afraid she'll spit it out again .

She and her “ All poisons are inviolable ” Sarah looked at me , Nose fluttering , Chest undulation .

Forcing trembling hands to touch the strings , A scream

She sang , The same passion , Have a boiling passion .

a 《 From nine to five 》, It is the vent of social animal life and the irony of capital .

The end of a song .

off the stage , The audience was embarrassed , Drink to hide your uneasiness .

On the stage , Everyone is boiling , Rejoice for the first official performance .

Sir Sincerely recommend poison fans to see the play .

Not only because it looks good , Interesting , And let us have some association and Reflection on the recent events in Afghanistan .

But because of

When the camera reaches into a strange corner of the world , When you catch someone you've never met .

Movie watching , It's your eyes .

And what resonates with them .

It must be another secret self in your heart .

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