The ending of the anti Mafia storm: the relationship between Dajiang and Xing fan is exposed. Dajiang is good at talking about love. What is the ending of Dajiang?

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ending anti mafia storm relationship

《 Black storm 》 in , The role of Dajiang basically follows Li Chengyang , In fact, there are not many lines , It looks fierce , But it's a funny character . I'll talk to you today ,《 Black storm 》 What is the final outcome of Dajiang ?

In the latest plot , Dajiang's relationship with Xing fan finally came to light , Dajiang is too good at talking in love ,“ With or without ”“ I don't want to trouble you ”, Many netizens said ,“ Daxing service cp” OK, head !

But in the end , Dajiang stabbed the audience , Because he died to protect the witness .

In the play , The role of Chen Jianbo is very important , Because he is a very important witness in Mai Zili's case . Where maizili's body was buried , It was revealed by Chen Jianbo under the coercion and inducement of Dajiang , And Gao Mingyuan learned that Chen Jianbo was missing , Send a killer to kill Chen Jianbo .

When Li Chengyang went to find Mai Zili's body , He repeatedly asked Dajiang to protect Chen Jianbo's safety , That's it , Dajiang tries his best to protect Chen Jianbo , End up with the killer .

We all know , Killer Lao Ning is a very cruel person , This time, he came to Chen Jianbo , Dajiang and Xing fan almost all tried their best to protect Chen Jianbo . The hot water cup is really useful in this life and death war , When Lao Ning suddenly appeared in the river 、 Xing fan 、 In front of Chen Jianbo , The three were stunned .

Dajiang and Xing fan subconsciously grab their own hot water steel cups , In the back struggle , The hot water cup has not only become an offensive weapon , It has also become a sharp weapon to protect them .

Dajiang showed no fear , He went straight forward to stop Lao Ning , Xing fan is directly in front of Chen Jianbo , In the face of life and death , The two lovers cooperate very well .

Just at the last minute , Because Lao Ning's means are too high , And Lao Ning came prepared , He is also an outlaw , On the one hand, Dajiang and Xing fan want to fight with him , On the other hand, we should protect the witnesses , The end result is , Even in a desperate struggle , Dajiang finally died .

The death of Dajiang made Chen Jianbo see Gao Mingyuan's true face , Give everything you know to the police , It has also become a key factor in Gao Mingyuan's conviction .

In the ending , The ending of the role of Sun Xing is still very sad , When his identity came to light , He took his mother hostage , So he was killed . And Sun Xing's father finally surfaced , That is Gao Mingyuan .

He Yun was forced by Gao Mingyuan to , So she gave birth to Koch , So she doesn't like this son very much .

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