Zhang Zifeng, who is out of the circle, sounded the "alarm" for the 90 flowers. Does it cost to stay in the comfortable area?

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zhang zifeng circle sounded alarm

lately ,《 my sister 》 The box office is breaking 100 million , Zhang Zifeng became the only one 00 An actress with two billion movies . In addition to achievements in the field of TV dramas , Zhang Zifeng also succeeded in breaking through 00 Flower crowd .

In the movie 《 my sister 》 in , Zhang Zifeng changed himself “ National sister ” A clever image of , Take the lead in the heroine “ sister ”. Kissing actor Liang Jingkang makes many people think her sister has grown up .

By treason 、 Growth and breakthrough , Zhang Zifeng's acting skills virtually moved more audiences , Silently changed the stereotype of the audience .

00 Flower growth sounded the alarm of the age crisis in the entertainment industry

Zhang Zifeng's breakthrough and growth is not a case . Up to a point , It's a 000 The colony growth of a flower . Their age advantage allows them to occupy “ sister ” The title of , And their growth and progress should not only get rid of , And benefit from this identity .

In Zhang Zifeng's current image , Continue to play “ sister ” This role is undoubtedly more familiar , But she didn't stay in the comfort zone , And seek a more diversified role experience .

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