Zhao Liying's support Association issued a joint statement: suspend work and resolutely resist the second match with a male traffic

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zhao liying support association issued

Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo have been exposed by each other's fans for many days .

8 month 22 Sunday night , Zhao Liying's fan support association and Zhao Liying's fan organizations issued a joint statement , Express : Refuse the second match , Stand with the majority of fans , Resolutely resist all forms of cooperation ; warning taken from the overturned cart in front , If cooperation is harmful but not beneficial ; Resolutely safeguard Zhao Liying's own interests ; If you play , I hope the show will protect the actress .

“ Joint statement , resist resolutely ”, Just look at this 8 A big word , What do you think is a big deal ……

Things have to come from 8 At the beginning of the month . There was news on the Internet that the TV play 《 Barbarous growth 》 The leading actors and heroines are Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying , Then some netizens began to “ Discuss ”“ debate ” get up .

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