Top 5 of the TV series ratings list: "song with the king" ranked in the top three, with the first audience rating as high as 2.637%

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from “63 city ”8 month 22 The ratings of the popular TV series on the evening of the th show that , Current TV series ratings list Top5 They are as follows :

Top1、《 The ideal city 》2.637%

starring : Sun Li 、 Zhao Youting

It's for Sun Li , I can't help praising some supporting actors , The acting and lines are really good , Especially Li Chuanying, who plays uncle , Lai pi 、 stunned 、 humbled 、 please … In an instant, it was colorful on his face , Little clever shakes out , No exaggeration 、 Not deliberately , Even the casual little convulsions in the corners of the mouth have acting skills , The group performances are so good , It shows that the crew is really working hard . Except for the plot , Get resonance . What is more commendable is that Sun Li is still so bright , Even as a crying Clerk , Still beautiful , The real and touching style created by Su Xiao , Grasp Su Xiao from simple wisdom to success in detail . And in emotional drama , Give people warm and sweet love . A rare conscience play , It's worth chasing to the end ~

Top2、《 The children of the Qiao family 》2.199%/1.913%

starring : Bai Yu 、 Song Zuer

Beyond all doubt , This is a very textured film 、 Works that resonate widely , It continues the consistent quality of noon sunshine . The whole play tells the growth of brothers and sisters in an eloquent way , Reminds me of my sister and brother , It used to be a pity for every family , When I was a child, my biggest wish was to eat a pot of fried chicken , But mom and dad are not at home all year round , So every time my uncle's house makes delicious food, he will ask our brothers and sisters to go , Aunts are also very kind to us , The relationship between our brothers and sisters is also very good , So I felt it when I saw it . in addition , Except Bai Yu 、 Song Zuer 、 Mao Xiaotong and others are in charge of acting strength , The little actors are also very smart , It was very vivid , Enough to be recognized , Add a lot to the show .

Top3、《 Song with Jun 》1.688%

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