Who is more beautiful? Her fans say Liu Yifei is rare

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beautiful fans say liu yifei

Both Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei are typical classical beauties , Because both of them have acted in the legend of fairy sword and chivalry , So many people put them together for comparison . Of course, the most common is the appearance of two people , Who is more beautiful... Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei ? The average star is more beautiful , Their fans will support their idols , It's normal for fans to quarrel , However, when talking about this problem , Fans on both sides don't have much controversy .

Why is Liu Shishi not as good-looking as Liu Yifei

Who is more beautiful... Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei ? Liu's fans also think Liu Yifei is more beautiful , Many fans think Liu Yifei has immortality , It's hard to catch up with in the whole entertainment circle . Although Liu Shishi's appearance is also very high , But it is still very different from Liu Yifei , Liu Yifei's bone looks very good , Is a rare beauty . Liu Yifei is not only beautiful , The facial features are also very beautiful , And over the years , Liu Yifei is still full of immortality , Just this temperament , Many people can't imitate it .

Who is more beautiful between Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei

Although in recent years, some media have always said , Liu Yifei has gained weight , The legs are thick , But no matter how it changes , Liu Yifei is an immortal . After all these years , Liu Yifei's impression of immortality has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , It can be said that she is the beauty ceiling of internal entertainment . Although Liu Yifei has a high appearance , But Liu Shishi's fans love Liu Shishi deeply , I will not give up my support for Liu Shishi because of Liu Yifei's beauty . In fact, there is no need to compare the two beauties together , Whoever , In real life, they are all top beauties .

Who is more beautiful... Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei

Who is more beautiful... Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei ? Of course, everyone's aesthetic is different , The answer is naturally different , Both are beautiful women with their own classical charm . Only in recent years, Liu Shishi no longer plays in ancient costume , It's a pity . At present, Liu Yifei has an ancient costume play that hasn't been broadcast , From the perspective of green killing modeling , She is still Wang Yuyan 、 Little dragon female , It seems that time has forgotten her , Look forward to the broadcast of Liu Yifei's new play .

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