Wearing Plaid cotton padded clothes is cute and cute. It's cool with hoodies and Berets!

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wearing plaid cotton padded clothes

Fan Chengcheng is Fan Bingbing's brother , Because of participating in idol competition, I developed a reality show 《 Idol trainee 》 And get attention . Finally, he won the third place in the national finals , It can be seen that its popularity is high , So he successfully joined the nine men's team NINE PERCENT in , And released a music album with the group 《TO THE NINES》. Before, fan Chengcheng was the seventh son of men's group Lehua NEXT Members of , Published 《THE FIRST》 Music Album . Fan Chengcheng's personal masterpiece is 《I`m Here》, This is a very nice song . As a new trend idol , Fan Chengcheng's vision and taste in dressing collocation are naturally not vulgar , Next, let's enjoy some of his fashion shapes !

Fan Cheng is cute in a plaid cotton padded clothes , He appeared at the airport in a black and red plaid cotton padded jacket , There are white checkers on it , The combination of three colors is classic and versatile . Fan Chengcheng put his hands in his pockets , It shows a lovely temperament , Like a pupil !

Fan Chengcheng matched Plaid cotton padded clothes with Hoodie and Beret , The modeling shows a sense of hierarchy and fashion , And turn him into a cool young man . The matching of Hoodie and plaid coat is very classic , Timeless collocation . Fan Cheng is wearing a black beret , Make the dress more fashionable !

Fan Chengcheng wears black framed glasses and a mask , Look low-key and clever , A middle school student's dress . He's wearing loose black pants underneath , One side is decorated with naturally falling cloth strips , Cool and trendy ! He stepped on a pair of lake blue Martin boots , And tucked the trouser legs into the shoes , Show tidal influenza !

Fan Chengcheng's pajamas are cute , He was wearing a white cashmere coat , It looks warm , At the same time, it looks good , It is covered with coral and blue purple patterns . He's wearing the same ripped pants underneath , Reveal the black pants fabric inside , But slightly bloated !

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