Put down your wide legged pants! This year, it's popular to wear big guy pants. Three big guy pants bring you slay

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wide legged pants year popular

Cool and stylish

I believe that many girls love wide legged pants more than anything , Because it has a good function of modifying the leg shape , Girls who are not satisfied with their leg shape , Wide leg pants must be your best choice . however , The pants I want to introduce to you are many times more fashionable than wide leg pants — Big guy pants , In fact, after watching the clothes of many stars, you will find , Many stars choose a kind of large pants with a very narrow waist but loose legs , The whole person becomes very slay, These are big pants ! Big guy pants can make the whole feel generous and casual , however , It's not so easy to wear big pants , It pays much attention to selection and collocation , A bad match will make your lower body look bloated , Lower the overall body proportion . So how do you choose to match big guy pants ? Please look at the following types of big brother pants !

1· Khaki big man pants + Black coat

Like Shen Mengchen's overalls, there are more patterns to wear , The simplest black long sleeved Hoodie to match , Tuck the Hoodie into Khaki Pants , When you tie a black metal belt, you can easily concave the big guy's style . Tucking a coat into your pants is a good way to trim your body , It neutralizes the looseness of the big man's pants , It doesn't look so bloated as a whole . Then there is the addition of belt , Just a finishing touch to the waist . Match it with black Martin boots , The whole aura is getting stronger .

The top can also be matched, or you don't have to choose the length T The collocation of , You can choose a black vest , Girls who are confident in their waistline can wear bareback , You can also wear clothes that don't show your waist , Wear a gray suit coat , so A To explode ! The aura can be Slay full . Haley is wearing a pair of black high heels , In an instant, there is a big sister style , Just put your hair back , Simple and random , Militantly proclaim .

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