Good voice of China: the next stage starts to record. There are still professional judges, but there is no live audience

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good voice china stage starts

《 The voice of China 》 Four episodes have been broadcast , The blind selection stage is generally five stages , It means that the blind selection stage is coming to an end .

actually ,《 The voice of China 》 It's a video variety show , The recording time is much earlier than the broadcasting time .

therefore , Although the blind selection stage is not all broadcast on TV , But the recording is long over .

And the next stage of recording has begun .

What competition system will be in the next stage is unknown , But one thing is certain , The next stage is the same as the good voice of the previous season , There will still be professional reviews .

The winner or loser of the trainees is likely to be decided by the professional evaluation vote .

Because famous music critics “ Beloved ” I posted a micro blog : Another year 《 The voice of China 》 review .

It is also equipped with several good sound scene pictures .

meanwhile ,“ Beloved ” Also revealed some important information .

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