Zhao Liying's backup Association issued a document to apologize for her irrational behavior and ignored the artist. The official blog will suspend the update

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zhao liying backup association issued

8 month 23 At daybreak , Zhao Liying apologized to the global fan support Association : Ying global apologizes for the recent suspension of all work under pressure from all parties . Such irrational behavior ignores the artist who should have been protected , It's a serious mistake of the manager .

The announcement repeatedly said , This shutdown is mainly for internal rectification and re planning , It's also irrational for this time 、 An account of irresponsible behavior . But it's not a compromise to other malicious acts .

And in the 8 month 22 Japan , Zhao Liying's Support Committee said that it would suspend all activities , Issued a joint statement with several peers , Resolutely resist male traffic .

It has to start from 8 At the beginning of the month , Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo have been raped by each other's fans for a long time .

At that time, there were TV dramas on the Internet 《 Barbarous growth 》 The men and women are Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying , As soon as the fans on both sides listened, they began to peck at each other .

There is nothing to discuss rationally and objectively , But with the mutual tear upgrade , Some fans began to swear and curse stars , Words are vulgar and unpleasant .

In fact, fans of Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying have a long history of gratitude and resentment , It happened in 《 Jadeite 》 period . Zhao Liying had just given birth , Eager to make a comeback , A few shots looked tired and did not perform well , At this time, some irrational fans of Wang Yibo attacked Zhao Liying , Dislike that the woman has dragged Wang Yibo down .

Fans cursing , The last hurt is his idol , Although you find it very enjoyable to scold in a short time .

Zhao Liying's fans are actually 4 Years ago, Yan Chengxu broke through the collective network , It was on the Internet 《 Your and my time in the city 》 The male leader is Yan Chengxu . Yan Chengxu has never seen this battle , He was so frightened that he made a noise to calm everyone down

Now 《 Jadeite 》 Chaohua was criticized by Wang Yibo fans , Even Chao Hua's introduction has lost Zhao Liying's words .

In fact, every artist has irrational fans , There are some black powder that deliberately find fault , Loyal fans still support their own love beans , Support her every decision .

Have to say , Now there are more and more fans , It can even threaten some commercial activities of your own love beans . These new year dinner circles ” The chaos is getting worse , Directly changed the rules of the game , Go further and further on the road of irrationality , Is going astray .

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