Lang Lang celebrates his wife's 27th Birthday! The two drank champagne, intimately shouldered, and accidentally exposed the interior of the mansion

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lang lang celebrates wife 27th

8 month 23 Japan , Lang Lang's wife Gina ・ Alice put out a group of birthday photos on the social platform , And a caption “ Happy birthday , Thank you for your blessings ”, The warm love of the picture has aroused heated discussion among the public .

same day , Gina is wearing a blue little fragrance tight skirt , With a high horsetail , Fair skin, slim figure , The whole person has a noble temperament . Lang Lang dresses up simply ,T T-shirt with casual pants , The figure also looks a little fat . They are watching the bright night view on the balcony of the mansion , Feel comfortable with Champagne . They are both pen refills and shoulder hugs , Deep feelings envy others .

It's sweet , Lang Lang also specially arranged a flower wall at home for Gina's birthday . The pink love balloon is filled with sweetness , Especially the word wall , It not only reflects their musician identity , At the same time, it is also a proof that the two are married because of music , Harmony between harps and harps .

And one more , Lang Lang is lighting cakes and candles for his wife , It also exposed a corner of the mansion . The background wall in the living room is like an exhibition hall , There are many photos of Lang Lang playing the piano in different periods . At the same time, although the decoration style is minimalist , But see the big from the small , You can feel the breadth of Langlang mansion , And simple without losing luxury .

As early as yesterday , Lang Lang also posted a document on the social platform to celebrate his wife's birthday . He made a high-profile statement that he only loved his wife all his life , And gave it to his wife, symbolizing “ only ” The diamond ring . Their propaganda photos are also very loving , Close to each other's faces , There is a happy smile on my face .

But Lang Lang's confession accidentally overturned , Because people with a clear eye can see that this is advertising . Although netizens do not object to star artists receiving advertisements , But Lang Lang's timing is really inappropriate . Wife should prepare candlelight dinner carefully on her birthday , Or go out and play , Instead of taking this opportunity to make money by advertising , Seems very attentive .

But as a passer-by, I can understand , The characteristic of the brand side is “ Love only one person ”, If it's not Tanabata 、 wedding day , Or other meaningful nodes , The Advertising Spokesperson can't find a suitable publicity opportunity and naturally brings it into the scene . But put aside criticism , Lang Lang and Gina have a strong relationship .

Tanabata day , Lang Lang also sprinkled dog food on social platforms , I took a group of love photos with Gina . They were dressed in gowns with extraordinary temperament , Gina hugged Lang Lang , Lang Lang also held his wife's hand , They smiled sweetly at the camera , The sweet and greasy atmosphere will overflow the screen . The most eye-catching thing is , The longer the couple really grow, the more similar they are , The arc of laughter is almost the same .

Lang Lang and Gina announced their relationship from the official 、 To get married 、 Go to the variety show 、 Give birth to a child , Suffered a lot of criticism . For example, netizens accused Gina of promoting body anxiety , For example, two people make complaints about twins , For example, receiving advertisements too often . As a public figure , Will certainly be examined by the audience all the time , This is what they need to bear , But it doesn't mean that bad comments 、 Rumors should also be accepted completely . As a passer-by , We also try to avoid being mean , Holding a heart of sincere blessing , It's much easier than cursing and condemning .

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