Wang Sicong suspected that he had a new relationship. He took a beautiful woman to eat fried rice by the side of the road, touching her head and hugging her waist

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wang sicong suspected new relationship.

August 19th , A passer-by came across Wang Sicong and several girls shopping in the street , It was halfway through the night , As soon as the picture was exposed, it aroused heated discussion among netizens .

In this video , Wang Sicong stood among a group of beautiful women in a wide white coat , As usual , It's just that beautiful women have changed from one to a group , He's with them , Looks like you're in a good mood .

One of the girls seems to be close to Wang Sicong , She wears a big black and White Checkered hat , Wear a design off shoulder top , It looks beautiful and young .

In the picture, the girl raised her hand and pretended to touch Wang Sicong's head , The next second he put it on his shoulder , Finally, it may be that Wang Sicong said provocative sweet words , Make the girl a little shy , Bashfully hammered his chest with his hand, and then pinched his waist , Is this Wang Sicong's new girlfriend ?

Wang Sicong, who was so touched by the girl, looked as if he didn't care , On the contrary, he smiled and blossomed , Gently put his hand around the girl's waist , It seems to be comforting her and making her happy , This reminds people of his widely spread dog licking Terrier “ the night i miss you ”, At the thought of this , The picture seems a little funny .

According to passers-by , At that time, Wang Sicong and the girls seemed to be waiting for fried rice at the roadside stall . As can be seen from the photos , They stood in front of a humble booth , There are many different spices and ham sausage in plastic bottles , And vegetables in a green pot , A man in a white waistcoat is cooking for them .

Wang Sicong is Wang Jianlin's only son , I went to eat fried rice at a roadside stall on a date with a girl , It's very sad , Many netizens said : Wang Sicong is really grounded !

In fact, before that, Wang Sicong had been photographed eating fried rice in front of the stall many times .

Last October , Some netizens came across Wang Sicong eating fried rice in the street , In the sun shot , Wang Sicong is explaining to the people next to him , The boss said that not every bowl is fried separately , In fact, it's all fried together and then loaded separately , And asked the boss for more eggs , I feel like he opened this stall .

A few days later , Wang Sicong came again , This time, because the business is too hot, the boss can't do anything , He picked up the spatula and began to stir fry , It's like cooking rice here every day , This picture seems a little funny , These rich people are cooking on the street .

Except for being photographed , Wang Sicong was also photographed eating barbecue on the street , Smoke a few dollars , Ride an electric car and a beautiful woman, etc , No rich shelf , This is quite different from his previous image of spending money like water , Let netizens shout shocked !

Wang Sicong is not really a star , But his national degree is very high . lately , Because his emotional event with sun Yining triggered a heated discussion among netizens , His speed of changing women and luxurious life have aroused a lot of criticism . Many people hope that he can be as low-key as eating roadside stalls , What else do you think ?

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