15-year-old Li Yan attends a best friend party! Wearing a suspender vest is mature and fashionable, and her temperament is like Faye Wong

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15-year-old year old li yan

In recent days, , Li Yan attends a best friend party , Netizens took a group photo of the dinner , Its status attracts attention .

same day , Li Yan is wearing a brown suspender vest with denim shorts , A long brown shawl with curly hair , Her face is wearing delicate light makeup , Smile sweetly at the camera , It looks full of vitality . This year, 15 Li Yan has become a slim and graceful girl , Slim figure, superior temperament , Go there and sit like a star .

In the face of the camera , Li Yan's appearance is still very good , The skin is white and flawless , Collagen all over the face , The temperament between eyebrows and eyes is like Faye Wong , However, the surgical marks of the lips in the facial close-up can still be seen .

As you can see from the diagram , Li Yan and her best friend are more mature in dress , Full of youthful vitality , Because I have experience shooting magazines and attending events , Li Yan is more mature in front of the camera , Supporting the cheek and shrugging the shoulder is natural and generous .

After picture exposure , Many netizens lamented that Li Yan is becoming more and more beautiful now , Inherited their parents' good genes , If you don't look carefully, you can't see the rabbit lip . Others said her dressing style was fashionable and mature , It is also a reason for the improvement of temperament now , Sure enough, the 18th year of female college is becoming more and more beautiful .

To say , Although Li Yan didn't enter the entertainment circle , But she is the daughter of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng , From birth with the aura of the second generation of stars , Is the focus of everyone's attention . Unfortunately , Li Yan was born with cleft lip and palate , Fortunately, her parents didn't give her up , After many operations , Now it has been greatly improved .

While studying abroad , Li Yan often updates on social platforms , Go shopping with friends and date , Or take beautiful photos of yourself , The dressing style is becoming more and more fashionable . before , She once went to theme parties with her best friends , A picture of wearing sailor clothes together , A girl with heavy make-up and double horsetail , Wear an open navel coat to show a good figure , The temperament is very superior .

Good sisters often post their group photos on the Internet , But Zeng Yin p The picture was too hard to make complaints about Li Yan , She zoomed in on the pictures her best friend had put out , Show the traces of lips to netizens , And a caption “ this p Are you not tough enough ” Can you tell it's her ? It can be seen that Li Yan is a confident and real person , I don't care if I'm beautiful .

a little early , Some media photographed Li Yan and grandma shopping in the supermarket , She wore a dark casual dress that day , Black hair shawl, mask your face , Strolled in front of the shelf for a while , It's very handsome to put your hands in your pockets all the way . After coming out of the supermarket , Li Yan chatted with her friends while eating ice cream , Laugh on your back from time to time , Don't care to expose your lip marks , No idol burden at all .

not long ago , Li Yan also had dinner with Faye Wong , I don't know what interesting topic I talked about , Faye Wong happily gestures with her hands while drinking red wine , But the daughter is obviously not very interested in her topic , Laugh perfunctorily , The picture is a little awkward . After the dinner party , Li Yan didn't leave with her mother , But ride away with the ladies .

Previously, Li Yapeng had posted a document on the social platform , It was revealed that during Li Yan's study abroad , Grandma can't rest assured that she will accompany her to read , It can be seen that their grandparents and grandchildren have a very good relationship .

Now Li Yan is a 15 Year-old girl , Her eyebrows and eyes are more and more like Faye Wong , I don't know if I will enter the entertainment industry like my sister Dou Jingtong in the future , Let's see .

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