Zhang Yuqi, who tears for love, responds to mango station's statement and remains sincere in the future

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zhang yuqi tears love responds

lately , By Addo 、 Zhang Shaogang's reality show as an observer 《 The love of daughters 》 The fourth season is on the air , The program spent a lot of money to invite Zhou Yangqing 、 Mencius 、 Zhang Yuqi and Li Sha �F Son 4 A popular actress joined . Although there are only three episodes of the program , But the number of hits is close to 5 Billion , The topic degree is also very good , The possibility of a big explosion is very high .

But what I didn't expect was , Zhang Yuqi suddenly announced her withdrawal on her microblog 《 The love of daughters 4》 Recording of remaining programs , Shocked netizens . After all, Zhang Yuqi passed the mango platform 《 My sister 》 Turn red , How can you do this 「 devoid of gratitude 」 What's the matter with you ?

And as we have learned , Zhang Yuqi married 《 The love of daughters 4》 The recording of the program , Because of dissatisfaction with the program group's malicious editing of her and Li Bingxi , The program group passed 「 Step on 」 Li Bingxi ( Soft rice man ) In the form of , Raise Zhang Yuqi , It makes Zhang Yuqi feel very uncomfortable , Zhang Yuqi, who always follows her heart , How could you wronged yourself ? So the official announced to withdraw from the recording of the program .

In Zhang Yuqi's post , She mentioned that she didn't want to be a tool for making topics , I don't like this way of praising her by stepping on her boyfriend , Such behavior doesn't feel appropriate , I can't accept , I even regret coming to this program . The comments say she just , Some say she's in love , And advise her not to be ungrateful .

Actually , Zhang Yuqi and mango before TV Worked together many times , Are very happy , And it can be said that her turning red all depends on the mango table . First, I participated in the new talent show of Hunan Satellite TV 《 My sister 》, Shine on this hot program , Zhang Yuqi also turned red and made a good fire again . Although Zhang Yuqi's singing and dancing level is very general , If it's just talent , It's time to eliminate , But because she is popular and has many topics , It is the important atmosphere and topic making machine of the talent show , So all the way through the customs , Not only in the finals , And successfully formed a group . Although there is a big gap in strength compared with quiet Wan Xiyu Kewei and others , But still gained high popularity , This is inseparable from Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV Support for .

But I didn't think , Zhang Yuqi is in the program of harvesting love , But was severely put forward by the program team , Zhang Yuqi said she regretted participating in the recording of this program , And decided to quit the rest of the program , In order to express their concern for such a malicious clip , Take an intolerable attitude .

however , For online disputes , Li Bingxi first posted a microblog to respond . Li Bingxi's story is , He is about to enter a new crew to shoot ancient costume plays , Because I haven't tried , So I'm a little confused , That's why I learned from Zhang Yuqi, a senior actor .

However , Some netizens expressed different views . according to the understanding of , Li Bingxi was just a violinist before , Now you can shoot , Isn't this the resource brought by Zhang Yuqi ? Netizens said he 「 Small white face 」 It's normal ! Even without this clip , Netizens also look down on this kind of man . What Li Bingxi has to do is to be like Qin Hao , Prove yourself through your own efforts , One day more popular than his wife . The original , Qin Hao and Yi Nengjing are together , Also scolded 「 Small white face 」, Now Qin Hao is more popular than Yi Nengjing .

therefore , The Confucian master thought Zhang Yuqi was so rude to her 「 Mother's family 」 Mango stage , It's totally unnecessary , After all, everyone's eyes are bright , Even if there is no editing problem , I believe everyone knows the truth . But Zhang Yuqi chose to unilaterally withdraw from such a rigid way , It can be said that she chose to break with mango stage . According to the personality of mango station in the past , It is likely that she will not choose to cooperate with Zhang Yuqi in the future , In other words, Zhang Yuqi may be disguised by mango platform 「 kill 」. And this is all the consequence of Zhang Yuqi's love brain impulse .

After Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi both responded , Mango station also responded to the storm . The statement read :「 Thank Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi for their unreserved investment and dedication in the program . The two of you had a very positive and positive discussion on career planning during the program recording , These contents will also be fully presented in the main film of the next program .」

And the response statement to mango station , Zhang Yuqi also responded to the program group early in the morning ,「 Whether it's a lover, an ordinary friend or a partner , I will make such a choice . 」 And said that the past cooperation was very good , The future is still willing to be honest . But Confucius thought , This is Zhang Yuqi's unilateral idea , After all, the program group was abandoned by you , It is believed that mud Bodhisattva also has three points of fire , Want to cooperate again , I'm afraid it's difficult !

therefore , Zhang Yuqi's result , When she opened the mango table with a sound , In fact, it is doomed . however , Maybe Zhang Yuqi doesn't care , After all, according to her performance in previous relationships , She is really a woman willing to give everything for love . Now master Ru only hopes , She won't annoy mango station in the end, will she ! Regardless of her star path, it's worrying !# Zhang Yuqi responded to mango station and said that she would still treat each other sincerely in the future #

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